A guide to placing security cameras inside and outside your home

When it comes to keeping your home safe and secure, security cameras are a great solution to stop your property from being targeted by unscrupulous opportunists.

Not only are they a great deterrent to stop your home from being the victim of an opportunistic crime, but today there are a range of smart security cameras that allow you to monitor the inside and outside of your home via your smartphone.

So, if you’re considering CCTV for your home, or have already invested in security cameras to protect your property, then it’s essential to consider the perfect placement of these products to ensure they have the best view for capturing criminals in the act.

So, the home security experts here at Yale have shared their advice for the perfect position for your security cameras, to ensure you provide the best protection for your home.


External surveillance

Firstly, when placing outdoor security cameras, we’d recommend scoping out the outside of your home to understand the prime position for your cameras.

In general, there are a range of common weak spots for a home, including the front door, garden, back door and garage, so you should ensure that these most vulnerable areas are covered by your new outdoor security cameras.

If your home has ever been broken into before, the area that the criminals entered your property will clearly be a weak spot for your property. With this in mind, you should consider placing a security camera directly at this area to ensure the space is secured and deter criminals from coming back again.

Outdoor security cameras are also susceptible to extreme weather conditions here in the UK. So it’s important to review whether your cameras will be affected by things such as direct sunlight, which will create glare on the camera and things like foliage overgrowing nearby, which will cover the lens.


Night vision

If your security camera offers night vision capabilities, this also means you can easily position your product in a prime location to view your back garden or entrance area at any time of night.

At Yale, our range of Smart Home CCTV systems have been designed with 30 metre night vision to allow you to monitor your home at any time of the day or night via your smartphone.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a functional camera to work both indoors and out, our All In One Camera is a perfect option. With motion detection to pick up on any suspicious activity, informing you of this immediately, and a built-in spotlight to startle any opportunists looking for their next target, it’s a great deterrent and monitoring tool rolled into one.


Internal security

Once you’ve decided on the area to fix your outdoor security cameras, you can then move on to the indoors.

At Yale, we offer a range of indoor security camera options that allow you to position your product anywhere in the home to keep an eye on what matters most to you.

Our Indoor WiFi Camera Full HD can be positioned in any room in the house, pointing at prime entry points including doors, windows, garages and towards the back door, ensuring that if any motion is detected, you will be notified via an app on your smartphone.

Our Indoor WiFi Pan & Tilt is another great option, allowing you to stream images of your home anytime, anywhere with a smartphone, so you can always be in the know surrounding your home security.

Keeping an eye on your pets

Internal security cameras are also perfect for monitoring your pets if you have to leave them unattended for a few hours. It’s natural to worry that your furry friends are safe and well when you’re not there, so you can position an indoor camera in the space you hold them in to monitor them any hour of the day or night.

Our Pan & Tilt camera allows you to keep an eye on your pets by following their movement around your home or room, to ensure you never miss a moment of your pets time when you’re away.

By listing the most at-risk locations across the home, and applying this to your property, you can quickly build an effective security system that will keep opportunists out, and keeping all your worldly goods in.

To discover the range of indoor and outdoor security cameras from our range, or to find out more top tips on how to protect your home, click here.