Bike Lock range

Whether you use your bike for fun, the morning commute or in sporting competitions, our new range of locks have been designed to keep your bike secure.

For peace of mind, protect your bike with Yale

On the inside, our locks are constructed with a four-point locking mechanism, are pick, pull and bump resistant and have cylinders made with hardened steel shackles and chains. Externally, our locks are fully coated to protect your bicycle or power sports vehicle from scratches and feature keyway seals to shield internal parts from the elements, while the Yale branding sends a clear warning to thieves: don’t even try!

Bike Locks to suit every need

Maximum Security Bike Locks

High Security Bike Locks

Proven to be effective against many common microbes including bacteria, mould and fungi; Our new bacteria-free door handle protects against colonisation, and significantly reduces the spread of harmful microbes throughout your home.

Standard Security Bike Locks

Aesthetics is a key part of what we offer our homeowners. Choose from a variety of door handles and colours all designed to suit your door and interior settings.

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