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  • Smartphone Control
  • Keyless
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The Yale Conexis L1 smart door lock gives you full control of your home security whilst providing you with complete peace of mind. Use a variety of ways to gain access to your home whether it be via a key card, a key tag, phone tag or via the smartphone app – Conexis L1 App. With the Conexis digital door lock, you can send users virtual keys so friends and family can gain access to your house if you are not around. Once they’ve gained access you can manage who can enter your property by disabling or deleting users through the Conexis app. Virtual keys can be scheduled or made permanent for ultimate control of your home or property. You can also monitor who comes and who goes so you will know when your loved ones are home safely. You can even receive a notification informing when someone comes home if they use a mobile key. No need to worry about carrying your keys with you. All you need is your smartphone and with one tap, you can unlock the door with ease.
The device uses encrypted Bluetooth smart technology so the smart lock is not dependent on network reception. The lock includes a tamper alarm that will sound if someone attempts to gain access when they shouldn’t, offering an additional deterrent.
Installation of the device is easy as the Conexis L1 smart lock is compatible with most UK ‘lift to lock’ multipoint locks. The smart door lock simply replaces your existing handles and you only require a screwdriver to install the device. Keep your mind at ease knowing that if the battery for the door lock runs out, you can power it with a 9v battery.

Experience the benefits

One less thing to worry about

Secure and convenient keyless control over the access to your home.

Give access to those you trust

Sent virtual keys to your loved ones and give temporary access to one time guests and visitors.

Convenience and simplicity

Use the access credential that suits you best. Use your Smartphone, key tag, key card, phone tag or key fob to access your home.

Top Features

Open your door, your way.

The Conexis L1 lock offers you and range of credentials to upgrade your current multipoint lock and optimise it to your needs.

  • Key fob
  • Smartphone 
  • Phone tag
  • Key card

The first lock to be British Kitemark approved.

To achieve the new standard, the Conexis L1 underwent rigorous testing including quality and durability tests as well as physical attack testing. It also underwent electronic manipulation and assessments designed to test the electronic security of the lock to ensure it is secure against advanced hacking methods.

Yale Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock

Easy Installation

The Conexis L1 smart lock is compatible with most UK 'lift to lock' multipoint locks.

Choose the way to enter your home

Use your Smartphone, key tag, card or fob to access your home.

Smart security

Revoke any access any time using the Conexis L1 app.

The Conexis L1 app

Configure, control and unlock your Smart Lock using your smartphone via our secure Bluetooth app.

Conexis L1 App


Open your home door with a simple tap on your smartphone screen.

Send virtual keys

Conveniently create and send virtual keys for family and friends from your Smartphone.

Bluetooth technology

Uses encrypted Bluetooth smart technology, non-dependent on network reception.

Multiple access management

Manage your Conexis smart lock from one unique app.

Manage users

Manage access, disable or delete users through the Conexis app.

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