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FAQ about Yale Smart Alarm


  • What do the LEDs on the Yale Smart Alarm hub indicate?

    The Yale Smart Alarm hub has 3 LED's.

    White LED that is on all the time to show it is powered and all status is ok.

    Orange warning triangle LED to alert you the system needs attention.

    Red cloud disconnect icon LED which means the hub is not communicating to our cloud.

  • What accessories can I add to my Yale Smart Alarm Hub?

    You can add up to 100 accessories to one Yale Smart Alarm hub.

  • Should the lights flash on my PIR sensors?

    The PIR LED will only flash during test mode. Once set up, during day-to-day use, the LEDs will not flash.

  • Can i arm downstairs and leave upstairs armed?

    Yes, it depends on what settings you have applied to your accessories. These can be adjusted in the Yale Home app.

  • Is the Yale Smart Alarm compatible with any other Yale Smart Alarm?

    No, the Yale Smart Alarm is not compatible with any other Yale alarm systems or accessories.

  • Can I add more than one siren to my Yale Smart Alarm?

    Yes, you can add multiple sirens to your Yale Smart Alarm system.

  • How long will the Yale Siren sound for when the alarm is triggered?

    The Yale Siren will sound for 5 minutes, 3 times per arming cycle. 

  • For what period of time is the Yale Smart Aalrm warranty valid?

    In Europe the warranty is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase, warranty claims are to be made via your place of purchase.

  • I have a shed/garage, will I be able to use a detector in this location?

    Yes, we recommend using our Yale Outdoor Door/Window Contact or our Yale Outdoor Motion Sensor for these types of environments.

  • What is the maximum movment detection range of a Yale Motion Sensor?

    The movement range is approx 12 - 14 meters.

  • I have a shed/garage, will I be able to use a detector in this location?

    .Yes, we recommend using our Yale Outdoor Door/Window Contact or our Yale Outdoor Motion Sensor for these types of environments.

  • Does the Yale Smart Alarm work with Apple Homekit?

    No, Apple Homekit is not compatible at this moment in time. 

  • How long do the batteries last in my Yale Accessories?

    The batteries last between 3-4 years for specific accessories and frequency of usage. 

  • How long does the backup battery last in the Yale Smart Alarm Hub?

    The backup will last for approximately 12 hours in fully functional mode,  keeping all communication to the Yale Home app and accessories active.

  • Will my pet (dog or cat) trigger my Yale Smart Alarm?

    The trigger is dependent on the size of the pet. Our sensors are immune to animals up to 30 kilograms when positioned at a height of 2.4 meters.

    Ensure the motion sensor is set to pet mode in the device settings via the Yale Home app, this will account for the pet in order not to trigger the alarm

  • What happens if the Internet goes down?

    Your Yale Smart Alarm will continue to operate and can be controlled using a Yale Keypad or Yale Keyfob. However, it cannot be controlled via the Yale Home app. We do recommend signing up to one of our subscription services which enables Cellular backup so even if your home internet goes down your Yale Smart Alarm hub will stay online. 

    Click hereto view more information on the Subscription services.

  • I'm worried that I could accidentally disarm my alarm using the Yale Keyfob, is there a way to prevent this?

    Yes, the Yale Keyfob has the ability to lock the buttons to prevent you from pressing them when in your pocket or bag. to activate this press the hold the HOME arm (part arm) button down for 3 seconds. This will lock the buttons and the red LED will flash. To unlock the buttons press and hold the HOME arm (part arm) down for 3 seconds the green LED will flash to indicate the keys are unlocked.

  • What batteries do my Yale Smart Alarm accessories take and what is the expected battery life?

    Accessory NameBattery Life (estimated)Battery Model 
    Yale Outdoor Siren3 years 4 x D Cell 
    Yale Indoor Siren3 yearsCR123A
    Yale Smoke Sensor 10 year Sealed CR123A battery which cannot be replaced
    Yale Button4 years CR2450
    Yale Keyfob3 yearsCR2450
    Yale Keypad3 yearsCR123A
    Yale Outdoor Door Contact 3 yearsCR123A
    Yale Outdoor Motion Sensor3 yearsCR123A
    Yale Pre Break-In Sensor 4 years CR2450
    Yale Indoor Window/Door Contact Sensor4 years CR2450
    Yale Indoor Motion Sensor 4 yearsCR2455