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FAQ about the Yale Smart Indoor Camera

Yale Smart Indoor Camera FAQ

  • Where can I find the QR-code to scan when setting up the Yale Smart Indoor Camera?

    The QR code is located on the rear of the Yale Smart Indoor Camera.

  • What shall I do if I have removed the QR-code sticker from the Yale Smart Indoor Camera?

    It is not recommended to remove the QR code as this is vital to setting up the porduct. You can enter the serial number manually in the Yale Home application. The serial number is located the packaging label.

    If this is not possible, then you can use the product selector option from the QR scan screen in the Yale Home app and manually select the Yale Smart Indoor Camera

  • How many video clips can be stored in the local storage in the Smart Camera

    As a guide the Yale Smart Indoor Camera has approximately 3-4 days of videos storage if set to 720p, 20 clips per day, 10 seconds long.

    If the Camera is set to record in 1080P the storage limit is approximately 2 days.

  • What is the function of the button on the back of the Yale Smart Indoor camera?

    The button can initiate a restart or a factory reset. 

    For a factory reset: press the button until a sound (approx 12 seconds) is heard makes a factory reset of the camera.

    For a restart: press the button on the rear of the camera for one second then release, the camera LED will glow red followed by a flashing GREEN led once the restart is successful. 

  • I am receiving a lot of notifications from the camera, how can I adjust this to ensure I only received necessary notifications?

    You can customise the Motion detection in the Yale Home app under  House Settings >Select your Camera Settings>Motion Detection Settings . You can adjust to only detect humans and also adjust motion detection sensitivity. You can also adjust the motion detection re trigger time under Advanced Setting >Motion Re-Trigger Time, adjusting to increase the time from 'off' to 60 seconds . This will reduce the number of alerts in concession. 

  • Does the Yale Smart Indoor Camera have night vision?

    Yes, night vision is up to a range of 6 meters.

  • What are the audio features on the Yale Smart Indoor Camera?

    The Yale Smart Indoor Camera contains a microphone and speaker for two-way audio, supporting full duplex audio, echo cancellation and AAC audio codec.

  • How can I adjust the physical camera head angle?

    The camera head sits on a ball joint, the head can rotate 360 degrees and tilt back and forth around 90 degrees allowing you to set the camera in a position for your preferred field of view.

  • Is the Yale Smart Indoor Camera powered by a battery or power supply?

    The Yale Smart Indoor Camera does not have an internal battery or the option to install batteries, the unit is powered using the USB C cable and plug provided.

  • How would I play back video event footage?

    All event footage is displayed in your Yale Home apps Activity feed,  scroll to the date and time, select the video and play.

  • How do I perform a hardware reset of the Yale Smart Indoor camera?

    A hardware reset returns the Yale Smart Indoor Camera back to Factory settings, but maintains the existing registration to a users account. On the back of Yale Smart Indoor Camera you will find a button, press and hold that button for approximately 12 seconds until you hear a bleep sound, you can then release the button. The camera LED will follow a sequence of solid red, red/green flashing and finally a constant blinking green, this indicates that the camera has successfully reset and re-booted.

    If the Yale Smart Indoor Camera has been assigned to a users account, the hardware factory reset does not remove the camera from the ecosystem, data and recorded video will remain in the Yale Home app/cloud as well as the cameras registration to the users account. After a hardware factory reset, the camera can be set up again to a new home Wi-Fi network, but only with the same user account as it is registered to. To set up the Yale Smart Indoor Camera to a new user account, the owner account linked to the camera needs to unregister the device (SETTINGS>UTILITIES>REMOVE DEVICE ) in the Yale Home app. This means for example, that a stolen camera can't be onboarded and registered to a new account.  

  • What application should I use with the Yale Smart Indoor Camera?

    Yale Home is the application to use on your mobile phone. The app is available on Apple AppStore or Google Play.

    Download the Yale App from the App Store or Google Play depending on your device.

    Once you have downloaded the Yale Home app you will need to click on create an account or sign in if you already have a Yale Home account.