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FAQ about the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera

Yale Smart Outdoor Camera FAQ

  • Where can I find the QR-code to scan when setting up the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera?

    The QR code is located on the rear of the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera.

  • How many video clips can be stored in the local storage in the Smart Camera

    The Yale Smart Oudoor Camera has approximately 3-4 days of videos storage if set to 720p, 20 clips per day, 10 seconds long.

    If the Camera is set to record in 1080P the storage limit is approximately 2 days.

  • I am receiving a lot of notifications from the camera, how can I adjust this to ensure I only received necessary notifications?

    You can customise the Motion detection in the Yale Home app under  House Settings >Select your Camera Settings>Motion Detection Settings . You can adjust to only detect humans and also adjust motion detection sensitivity. You can also adjust the motion detection re trigger time under Advanced Setting >Motion Re-Trigger Time, adjusting to increase the time from 'off' to 60 seconds . This will reduce the number of alerts in concession. 

  • Does the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera have night vision?

    Yes, night vision is up to a range of 6 meters.

  • What is the expected battery life of the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera?

    This depends on usage and activated features such as motion detection, spot light etc. A fully charged battery will provide approximately 4-6 months use.

  • How would I check the battery level of my camera?

    The battery level is displayed in the Settings section of the Yale Home app under device information, this is displayed as a percentage.

  • What is the battery charge time? 

     It will take approximately 5-6 hours to fully charge the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera if the battery is flat using a 2 Amp charger.  Using 1 Amp charger it can take about 1 hour longer.

  • What is the IP Rating of the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera?

    The rating is IP65.

  • How do I reboot my Yale Smart Outdoor Camera?

    You can do this from within the settings menu in the Yale Home app or you can do this via the Yale Smart Outdoor camera itself. 

    From the Yale Home App: Press the gear icon to navigate to the settings page, scroll down to Utilities and select Restart Device. This will restart the camera remotely, the camera will begin blinking green when it has been successfully restarted. 

    From the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera: On Yale Smart Outdoor Camera you need to use a security pin or a needle and push the small button located next to the power button under the rubber cover at the botton of the unit. Press this for one second and release, once the reboot is successful, the front LED will return to flashing green.

  • How do I perform a hardware reset of the Yale Smart Outdoor camera?

    A hardware reset returns the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera back to factory settings but maintains the existing registration to a current users Yale Home account. 

    Under the rubber cover on the underside of the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera you will find a button,  press and hold that button for + 12 seconds, you will hear a bleep, you can release the button and the camera LED will follow a sequence of green and red LED flashes. A constant steady blinking green will indicate that the camera has successfully reset and re-booted.

    If the Yale Smart Outdoor  Camera has been onboarded to a Yale Home account before the reset, the hardware factory reset does not remove the camera from the ecosystem, data and recorded video will remain in the Yale Home app/cloud as well as the cameras registration to the current users account. After a hardware factory reset, the camera can be onboarded again to a new home WiFi network, however, only with the same  users account it is currently registered to. To onboard the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera to a new user account, the owner account linked to the camera needs to remove (uninstall, unregister) the device from the Yale Home app. To do this, in Yale Home app go to Settings>Utilities>Remove Device. 
    This means for example, that a stolen camera can't be onboarded and registered to a new account. 

  • What application should I use with the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera?

    Yale Home is the application to use on your mobile phone. The app is available on Apple AppStore or Google Play.

    Download the Yale App from the App Store or Google Play depending on your device.

    Once you have downloaded the Yale Home app you will need to click on create an account or sign in if you already have a Yale Home account.