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Getting Started with Yale Smart Outdoor Camera

Getting Started FAQ

  • What is in the box?

    • 1 x Yale Smart Outdoor Camera ​
    • 1 x USB C Cable ​
    • 1 x Mounting Bracket​
    • 1 x Mounting Plate ​
    • 2 x Wall screws​
    • 2 x Wall plugs ​
    • 1 x Protected by Yale Sticker​
    • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • What are the key features of Yale Smart Outdoor Camera?

  • What are the dimensions and weight of the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera?

    The weight is 205g

  • What application should I use with the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera?

    Yale Home is the application to use on your mobile phone. The app is available on Apple App store or Google Play.

    Download the Yale App from the App store or Google Play depending on your device.

    Once you have downloaded the Yale Home app you will need to click on create an account or sign in if you already have an account.

  • Does the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera need to be connected to Wi-Fi?

    Yes,  a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection is required to connect your Yale Smart Indoor Camera to your network. 

    NOTE: 5 Ghz Wi-Fi conenction is not supported.

  • Can the Wi-Fi connection be made to a MESH network?

    Yes, if you are using a mesh network, please make sure that the camera is connecting to the closest mesh node via 2.4 GHz.

  • Can I use the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera with an Ethernet cable?

    No, the camera only has the ability to connect via Wi-Fi connectivity to your network, this needs to be a 2.4 GHz networks.

  • How do I power on the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera?

    To power on the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera, press the power button for one second, the power button is located under the rubber cover on the underside of the camera. Follow the same process to power off the camera.

    The power-on process can be viewed in step 3 of the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera setup video, Click here to view the How to set up your Yale Smart Outdoor Camera video.

  • How do I install and setup the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera?

    The Yale Smart Outdoor Camera can be placed on surface or be wall mounted with the supplied fittings. 

    If you have already added your Yale Smart Outdoor Camera to your Yale Home account, in the Yale Home app, go to the settings menu (accessed by pressing the small gear icon) select your  Yale Smart Outdoor Camera, scroll down to installation guides and view the in-app videos and images that show you how to install your camera.

    Alternativy, Click here to view the how to setup your Yale Smart Outdoor Camera video.

  • What is the viewing angle and specifications of the Yale Smart Outdoor camera?

    The viewing angle is 154 degrees and the camera has 8 x digital pan and tilt with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR).

  • Can the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera run off a battery or mains?

    The Yale Smart Outdoor Camera has a built in 6500mah rechargeable battery that can be charged with the USB-C cable included in the box.

    The camera can also be permanently powered using the Yale Outdoor USB Cable for outdoor installation - sold separately.

  • What is the recommended power supply specification for the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera?

    We recommend powering the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera from a 5 Volt DC 2amp USB C power supply.

  • When I first setup the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera do I need to charge the battery?

    The Yale Smart Outdoor Camera will be suplied with a partially charged battery. We recommend you fully charge the camera battery  before starting the onboarding and setup process.

    If the battery level is too low (<20%) and no power is connected the onboarding can't commence.

  • What is the battery charge time?

    It will take approximately 5-6 hours to fully charge the Yale Smart Video Doorbell from a flat battery (using a 2A charger, with 1A charger it can take about 1 hour longer)

  • What subscriptions services are available for the Yale Smart Outdoor Camera?

    Cloud Recording*

    Video is captured and automatically routed to a secure cloud server, where it is saved for 30 days

    AI Motion Detection*

    Advanced AI-based camera analytics enables the cameras to differentiate between the motion of people, pets, vehicles, and delivery packages in real-time,  the user can choose to enable or disable notifications when motion is detected from these specific groups.

    *Monthly subscription required (in-app optional features)

    Click here to view more information on the Subscription services.