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Linus in Silver

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Linus in Silver
  • Activity monitoring & notifications
  • DoorSense™ technology: know when your door is closed or left ajar
  • Not every door is compatible with Yale Linus. Check if Linus is right for you with our compatibility checker.
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Linus Smart Lock - Silver
Yale Smart door Lock Installation
Extended Warranty for Smart Locks or Safes

The Linus Smart Lock 

Make your door even smarter with the Yale Linus Smart Lock in Silver, designed to secure and simplify your life. Losing your keys is a thing of the past. Unlike a traditional lock, with the Linus Smart Lock you have access to keyless entry, see who’s coming and going in the form of real-time notifications, grant virtual keys and check whether your door is open or closed. Tailored to suit your needs, pair your smart lock with the Yale Smart Keypad to provide easy code entry to your home and one touch when you leave. For extra peace of mind, Doorsense™ lets you know whether your door is securely closed. If anything unexpected were to happen, like the door being left ajar, you will be the first to know. To perform remote functionalities, a Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge is needed. All of this is made possible via the Yale Home App. Once connected to the App, you can secure, monitor and manage access to your home through your smartphone, from anywhere in the world*.

Get full control from the palm of your hand. All you need is your smartphone and with one tap, lock or unlock the door with ease. Send users virtual keys so that friends and family members can gain access to your home, even when you are not around. If someone forgets to lock when they leave, you can take care of it with the tap of a finger. Once they’ve gained access, you can manage who can enter your property by disabling or deleting users through the Yale Home App. For added convenience, the auto-lock feature on this smart door lock will automatically lock your door when you leave for the day, either immediately after closing or after a set amount of time via the Yale Home App.

Add a Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge and you can make your Smart Lock even smarter. Thanks to the handy geo-fencing*feature, when you return home and walk up to the door, auto-unlock will automatically unlock the door for you, saving you from having to fumble around for your keys*. Intelligently connected, the Linus Smart Lock in Silver works with Apple HomeKit, leading voice assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and Philips Hue lighting, combining lights and voice to create the ultimate security deterrent–“Alexa, is my front door locked?”This smart door lock can be integrated with top hosting platforms like Airbnb, so guests can come and go as they wish –and you don’t need to worry about lost keys.

*A Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge is required to access these smart features. Product sold separately.


Your security is our business. The Yale Home App is protected by 2-factor authentication, meaning that users will be required to verify their identity with either an email or phone number. The Linus Smart Lock in Silver uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology encryption, along with AES 128 bit and TLS encryptions. If you ever lose your phone, you can disable your Yale Home App and all virtual keys at any time.

Easy Installation

Auto-Lock Feature

DoorSense™ Technology

Works with Leading Voice Assistants

Battery Powered

The Linus Smart Lock is completely wire-free, eliminating the need for cables running through your property. This means that you have the flexibility to take your smart door lock with you if ever you move. 

What’s in the box? The Yale Linus Smart Lock in Silver comes with:

  • 1x Linus Smart Lock
  • 1x Manual

Forget about long-term contracts, when you purchase the Linus Smart Lock in Silver you aren’t tied into any monthly rolling or monitoring fees. This means you have the freedom to set up virtual keys and check the history of your digital door lock, without any additional costs.

  • What is a virtual key?

    You can send virtual keys so that friends and family members can gain access to your home, even if you are not around. Once you have granted access to a user, you can manage who can enter your property by disabling or deleting users through the Yale Home App. Virtual keys can be scheduled or made permanent for ultimate control of your home.

  • How do I know if the Linus Smart Lockin Silver is the right lock for my door?

    Not every door is compatible with the Linus Smart Lock. The Yale Linus Adjustable Cylinder may be required if your existing cylinder is not compatible. For more on this, use our Smart Lock Compatibility Checker to find your perfect fit.

  • Is the Linus Smart Lock easy to install?

    Easy to install over the existing cylinder on the inside of your front door, the Linus Smart Lock means you can keep and use your original keys. Your front door will look just the same as before from the outside – without revealing any smart features.

    Need a little help with installation? We’ve got you covered. We understand that not everyone has the time to install their new digital door lock themselves, so enjoy optimum installation with minimal inconvenience with our professional Yale Alarm Installation service.

  • What happens if the batteries run flat?

    The Yale Home App will notify you in advance if the batteries are running low (when the batteries are at 25%), giving you an opportunity to replace them before they run out of charge. Should the battery completely fun flat, the lock can still be opened using the key and thumb override.

  • What happens if my internet goes down?

    Should your internet connectivity go down, you can still operate your Linus Smart Lock via the App, providing you are standing in front of the door. This is because the smart door lock uses Bluetooth to communicate with your mobile device, so does not solely rely on Wi-Fi connectivity. Alternatively, you can use the key and thumb override to gain access to the property.

    The Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge is required to access the smart features of this product – wireless entry, real-time notifications, status updates, Philips Hue lighting and compatibility with leading voice assistants.

  • How do I access my smart door lock remotely?

    The Yale Home App will seamlessly connect over the best method available, choosing between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi automatically – providing you have a Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge (sold separately). The icon in the upper right of the Yale Home App lock screen indicates how you are currently connected to your lock.

  • How does Auto-Unlock work?

    Auto-Unlock is one of the most popular and unique features for smart lock users. Having your door automatically unlock without having to reach for your phone or your keys as you approach your door is a magical experience. Like any simple and smart technology, there is a lot happening behind the scenes to make Auto-Unlock work just right.

    Please note, this feature is only available to lock owners and not guests.

    Auto-Unlock relies on a few different technologies in your phone, not only the Yale Access App but also your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. These must be enabled in order for Auto-Unlock to work. All of these are regulated by your operating system talking to the Yale Home App. The Yale Home App has two states that determine how Auto-Unlock functions: Home and Away. When you’re at home, your Yale Home App will enter Home Mode and Auto-Unlock will not activate, it’s waiting for you to leave. When the Yale Home App sees you have left your neighbourhood or travelled more than 200 meters from your home, Auto-Unlock will go into Away Mode, until your return home again.

Make it smart – together 

You can make your smart lock even smarter by connecting a Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, allowing you to check in from anywhere in the world, remotely lock or unlock your door and lets you integrate the system with Apple HomeKit, Philips Hue lighting and leading voice assistants –Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Instantly let friends, family, and home-service providers in even when you're not home.

Extended warranty 

Ensure your Linus Smart Lock in Silver is protected for longer by purchasing our 1-year extended warranty. This guarantee protects your purchase against material and functional failures for 3 years (vs. our standard 2-year guarantee).

Your extended warranty must be purchased alongside the relevant product to be valid. Make sure to keep your proof of purchase safe, as this will be required if a claim is made. For full terms & conditions, see here:

Full terms and conditions

Hassle-free installation

Within 72 hours of purchase, you will be contacted by one of  our Yale Installation Partners, they will contact you to arrange a convenient time and date for installation. Our network of professional installers have undergone all the necessary background checks and training, so you can rest assured your home security is in good hands.

Please note: This installations service replaces the existing lock on your door. Modifications to the door are not included as part of this service.

PLEASE NOTE: Professional Yale Smart Door Lock Installation is not available in the following postcodes: HS, IM, IV, JE, KW, PA and ZE.

If you have opted for professional installation, any additional accessories purchased with an alarm kit – that require installation – will be charged to the customer at £15.00 per accessory. This will be payable to OrderWork, our Yale Installation Partner, at the time of installation. Installation for these products is only available in England, Wales and Scotland (Mainland).

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