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Linus L2 Pull Escutcheon

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Linus L2 Pull Escutcheon
  • Works with Linus® Smart Lock L2
  • Attach you Linus® L2 securely to your door
  • Compatible with Auto-Engage locks without handles and Euro mortice locks

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Linus Smart Lock L2

Introducing the Yale Linus® Smart Lock L2, the next evolution in smart lock technology, featuring enhanced durability, quieter performance, and twice the speed of the previous generation of Linus® Smart Lock.

Elevate your home security and peace of mind with this advanced, keyless entry experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of keeping track of your keys and the worry of losing them. Feel the magic of your smart door lock unlocking automatically as you approach your home, and locking at a time, on a timer, or instantly when you leave. Freely come and go, knowing your home is secure.

With the Yale Linus® Smart Lock L2, you can grant access to friends, family, and trusted individuals with just a few taps on your phone using the Yale Home app. You can also enhance your smart lock experience with keyless accessories like the Yale Smart Keypad or the Yale Dot, simplifying the way you unlock your door.

The Linus® L2 works seamlessly with your other Yale smart products, leading voice assistants and smart home brands for a complete smart security system experience.  

App Control

Easily manage your smart lock, grant remote access to trusted visitors, and stay connected to your home and family, whether you're at home or away.

Keyless Entry

Enjoy the flexibility of using your phone, keyless accessories like the Smart Keypad or the included Yale Dot®, or personalized locking automations for your door. No more losing keys!


Simple to set up straight out of the box, the Linus® L2 ensures a hassle-free installation experience, allowing you to quickly and easily get your smart lock up and running. 


Yale smart locks work seamlessly with other Yale products and leading partners such as voice assistants and smart home devices.

Easier to operate, smaller, stronger, quieter and twice as fast as the first-gen Linus®.

Linus® L2 features a sleek updated design that sets a new standard for performance. The robust metal housing houses a quiet, high-torque motor for smooth and rapid locking and unlocking. Its rechargeable battery ensures a quick charging for powerful, long-lasting keyless access. Experience new locking and unlocking options, such as setting specific times or tapping your phone on the Yale Dot® for seamless entry.

Enjoy keyless convenience

Never deal with the hassle of accidentally forgetting or losing your keys again. Enjoy keyless life with customisable auto-lock/unlock, and the convenience of remote locking and unlocking to trusted visitors. 
Effortlessly manage access for family, friends, and trusted individuals by providing digital keys or access codes using the intuitive Yale Home app. With the Activity Feed and Smart Alerts, you'll always know when your door is accessed, providing peace of mind.

Customise your security to work around your needs

Personalise your Yale Linus® Smart Lock L2 to align with your daily routine. With the Yale Home app, you can set your lock to automatically secure your home at specific times, like bedtime, and when you're ready to leave for work. Design the perfect home security schedule for your digital door lock.

Complete connectivity to make your home security even smarter

The Linus® L2 is a built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi door lock, that allows you to control your smart front door lock remotely from anywhere and making it compatible with leading voice assistants and smart home devices. You can also integrate your smart lock with other Yale devices such as Yale Smart Cameras, Yale Smart Alarms, Yale Smart Storage solutions and Yale Smart Gate and Garage Opener, all accessible through the Yale Home app, for a unified smart home experience with all your devices working together.

An award-winning product

Our internationally acclaimed products have been recognised by some of the most prestigious product and design awards worldwide. These awards are a mark of our innovative, high-quality, user-orientated designs that have been crafted to provide you with protection that has been made simple, without compromising on security.


European Product Design Awards

Product Design Category

European Product Design Awards

Product Design Category

Easy installation

Simple to install out of the box
Yale Linus® Smart Lock, is a DYI smart lock that's designed to be up and running in no time, with no modifications required on your front door. Whether you rent or own your home, this keyless smart door lock easily mounts on your door without modifications and leaves no marks.

Find out if Linus® L2 fits on your door.

Compatibility checker

Elegance that complements any door.

With its improved stylish sleek and narrow design, Linus® L2 will perfectly complement any home's interior design. 

The Yale Home App

Connect and control all your Yale smart products from a single app: Smart Locks, Smart Indoor and Outdoor Cameras and Smart Video Doorbell, Smart Alarm, Smart Storage solutions and Smart Gate and Garage Opener.

Functionalities include:

Keyless access: lock/unlock remotely or set your lock to unlock and lock at a specific time, at a timer, or automatically as it senses you come and go.
Activity Feed & real-time notifications: see when your door has been accessed and by who thanks to detailed Activity Feeds and smart alerts on your phone.
Share access: grant virtual keys to friends, family, and trusted individuals with just a few taps on the Yale Home app.
Multi-house support: Secure multiple properties like your home, office and summer house without the hassle of multiple accounts, all through one app.

App Store

Download the Yale Home app straight to your mobile

Google Store

Download the Yale Home app straight to your mobile

Smarter Together

The Yale Linus® Smart Lock L2 works seamlessly with leading voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, and other smart home devices, such as Philips Hue smart lighting, for an added layer of security and convenience. 

Works With

Smart Keypad

The Yale Smart Keypad is perfect for granting unique entry codes to trusted visitors without the need for a smartphone or keys. With unique codes for each visitor, you can track who comes and goes via the Yale Home app. 

Yale Dot

The Yale Smart Keypad is Designed for security and convenience, the Yale Dot® works with Yale Smart Door Locks to make access to your home easier. Tap your Yale Dot to automatically unlock your door, using your smartphone. 

Yale Platinum 3 Star Cylinder

The Yale Platinum 3 Star Thumbturn Euro cylinder has the highest level of certification currently available, making them one of the best euro cylinder locks, and is Anti-Snap, sacrificial front section, Anti-Pick, Anti-Bump, Anti-Screw, Anti-Pull and Anti-Drill.


Linus® Smart Lock L2

Linus® Smart Lock L1


Built in Wi-Fi



5.3 4.0

Connects to Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge

Not required (optional)

Power supply

Rechargeable battery

21.24 Wh Li-ion Battery pack (Included) Charging via USB C -

Product specifications


W52mm x L146mm x D45mm (20% Smaller) W58mm x L150mm x D58mm

Smart Home Compatibility

Samsung SmartThings

Amazon Alexa

Google Home

Philips Hue Smart Lights

Apple Home


Keyless Properties

Yale Dot®

Included in the box Sold separately

Yale Smart Keypad

Sold separately Sold separately

Yale Home app smart controls

Auto Lock/Unlock

Auto Lock instantly or on a timer

Auto Lock/Unlock at a specified time


Auto Unlock Attempted Alert


Auto Unlock Left Neighbourhood Alert


Remote monitoring

Requires Connect Wi-Fi Bridge

Smart Alerts

Requires Connect Wi-Fi Bridge



Lock compatibility

Compatible with Euro Profile Cylinders that protrude at least 3mm and 22mm Round Cylinders. If you don’t have a compatible Euro Profile Cylinder, the Yale Linus® Adjustable Cylinder can be purchased separately

Compatible Smartphone

Yale Home app for your iOS or Android smartphone.


Bluetooth 5.3 and Wi-Fi 2.4 -5 GHz
Two-factor security Your Yale Home account is protected with 2-factor authentication, which means that on top of your password, the system will check your identity based on either an email or phone number. 
Encryption 128-bit AES encryption
 Product dimensions (W x H x D) 51.7mm x 146.2mm x 45.75mm (without thumb turn)
Weight 662g
Finish Matte Black & Silver
Speaker Yes
Battery type Rechargeable battery pack with 2x 18650 Li-ion cells. 
Battery life Up to 6 months on a single charge when using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
Battery recharging USB-C. 1.5 - 4.5 hours depending on charger

More Information

More Information
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