Keep your Christmas presents under wraps

The type of ribbon, which patterned paper... a lot of thought is often given to wrapping gifts for your loved ones. But once open, packaging is the last thing on anyone’s mind. However, it’s important to understand how to dispose of rubbish carefully. Packaging left strewn outside can act as a catalogue for potential thieves, letting them know exactly what presents you have inside your home.

It’s easy to carelessly dump empty cardboard boxes outside for your brand new flat-screen TV or top of the range tablet. However, gifts such as these are a beacon for opportunistic burglars. If they can see what you have inside your property, it acts as an invitation.


Make packaging as unidentifiable as possible by covering brand names and product images as well as shredding delivery details and receipts if not needed. Don’t leave rubbish outside by your dustbin and instead, take all cardboard and other recycling down to the tip to dispose of properly


Over the Christmas and New Year season rubbish collection times can change due to bank holidays, so take note and make sure you know which bin needs to go out on which day. This will mean that rubbish won’t be left outside acting as a display to potential thieves.


Similarly, don’t broadcast gifts you have received on social media, especially if you’re going to advertise yourself as on holiday the following week!


Yale recommends investing in a CCTV system so you can keep an eye on your property and anyone suspicious, lurking around outside. Synchronising an internet-enabled device to your smartphone means you can monitor your home from anywhere, at anytime.