How Trusting Are You?

Ever given a key to a contractor for while you’re out at work? Do you feel comfortable leaving a spare with a neighbour…?

Many might think it’s perfectly reasonable to do this – particularly if you’re confident that you can rely on the person you’ve entrusted with entry to your home. There aren’t many people, though, who wouldn’t think it a step too far to leave their door unlocked for the entire day…

But it seems as though a quarter of the country is essentially doing just that, with 25% admitting to not have any home security measures in place whatsoever.*

This stat alone is worrying enough, but following last week’s news regarding a lack of police resources to respond to burglaries (and similar sorts of ‘traditional’ crime), it seems Britain needs to sharpen up on its home security!

The good news is, burglar alarms were found to be the most oft-invested item to secure homes – alarms have proven to be one of the most effective deterrents, even making a would-be burglar think twice about whether to target a particular property. But home security is about more than just a standalone device…

“How can so many people be so naïve?” we hear you ask. “Surely it’s common sense to secure your property…?” This lack of provision is probably something of a legacy from when traditional systems cost hundreds (if not thousands!), required major upheaval to install, and sometimes required long-term contracts with ongoing monthly fees.

However, today’s DIY home security is much more accessible, with homeowners and renters able to build and maintain their own customised security systems easily and inexpensively. Smart Living solutions, such as smart locks and smart alarms, can be fitted as a DIY project, and both offer convenience and peace-of-mind to homeowners.

So now there’s no excuse! Check out our products if you think your home needs safeguarding, or share this with friends if theirs does.