Is Your Home in a ‘Hot Spot’ or a ‘Safe Spot’?

The RM8 postcode in Dagenham saw the highest incidence of home insurance claims for theft, in a survey commissioned by MoneySupermarket. The findings were based on almost 3 million home insurance claims from the past year.

Another postcode in London and one in Manchester that follow up in second and third place. In fact, London postcodes make up seven of the top-ten hotspots, and fourteen out of the twenty overall.

The report will make slightly more enjoyable reading for those who live in postcodes at the other end of the scale. The top-three areas ranked the least likely to claim on their home insurance for a robbery are all rural areas of Scotland, while postcodes in Suffolk and Wales follow in fourth and fifth place.

Of course, residents in higher risk areas are going to pay a higher insurance premium than those lucky people at a lower risk. But you can take matters into your own hands to lower your premium by tightening up your home security.

It’s important to check what your insurer will recognise, but generally, installing hardy window and door locks (such as a 5-lever mortice lock) and a home alarm will bring down the cost of cover.

Clearly, the affect of a burglary goes farther than the financial loss that can be reclaimed on insurance; it can be a traumatic thing to happen to anyone, especially those who live on their own or have small children, while some items – such as family heirlooms – are irreplaceable.

Check out the full results of the survey, including hot spots and safe spots, to see if your area features.

If your area doesn’t feature on the survey, try the Yale Crimewatcher App. Simply input your postcode, and it will tell you how many burglaries have occurred in your area during the past month, as well as giving you advice on how to tighten up home security.