Yale Keyless Connected lock in Top Ten Smart Home tech by The Independent

Yale Keyless Connected locks have been ranked as one of the Top Ten Smart Home Tech gadgets by The Independent.

The ultimate guide to smart home tech states that the smart home has arrived and the internet is gradually making its way into everything from appliances to thermostats, and customers will be able to control most things from their phone.

However, understanding that a reliance on technology can be offputting, they say it’s important to go for trusted security, like the Yale Keyless Connected:

“Letting WiFi connected things into your house is a big step — they can watch you at all times and know a great deal about your most intimate life. So it’s worth getting one you trust and believe in.”

Securing your home, the smart way, is now no longer a thing of the future. With smart security identified as one of the top features people expect in a smart home, Yale’s latest connected locks are now compatible with Samsung SmartThings system amongst other smart home systems(*), making traditional keys a thing of the past.

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(*) functionality may vary depending on what smart home system the lock is connected to.