The key to keeping your home safe

According to recent statistics, it has been revealed that Brits have shared nearly 20 million spare keys with neighbours, friends, family and trade professionals, and subsequently lost track of them!*

With these worrying statistics coming to light, we have to ask ourselves the question; do we really know who has the keys to our home?

In 2016, keys were named as the number one most commonly lost item for UK adults**, and we continue to be quite haphazard about who we give them to and where we keep them.

Leaving keys in accessible areas makes it easier for intruders to break in, with statistics showing 30% of burglaries occur through a front door***, either through forcing the door open or through using keys left in ‘safe’ areas, including under plant pots, mats and even in flower beds.

We are also more at risk of being targeted by criminals when we move into a new home. ‘Sold’ signs, removal vehicles and other tell-tale signs can alert local burglars in the area, and they cunningly know that your security measures may not be at their most effective at this time. According to the Home Office, figures have highlighted that you are almost twice as likely to be burgled in the first 12 months of being in a new home****, and this is partly due to the fact that homeowners have no way of knowing exactly who has the keys to their new home.

To try and combat this issue, we have put together our top tips to keep your home secure.

Installing a superior strength cylinder

With the number of burglaries occurring with stolen keys on the rise, replacing your locks’ cylinder is one of the easiest and most cost-effective methods of protecting your home from intruders. With each household in the UK said to have lost at least two spare keys on average*, simply upgrading the rim cylinder in your nightlatch will mean all of those spare keys will be null and void.

Yale’s Platinum 3 Star Euro Profile cylinder is the perfect upgrade option as it’s TS007 3 Star accreditated, which means it provides maximum security against all known cylinder attack methods.

Keep spare keys within the family

If it’s necessary for you to offer out spare keys, make sure to give them to more trustworthy members of your family, it may seem simple, but this will mean there is less chance of them going missing! By making sure you have noted exactly where your spare sets of keys are, you reduce the risk of misplacing them and ultimately reduce the risk of a burglary.

Hide and (no) seek

One common mistake is that we often underestimate the intelligence of thieves. The truth is, intruders have had plenty of practice and they know exactly where to look. Keep keys out of reach of burglars, particularly keeping them away from letterboxes and windows as this makes easy pickings for opportunists to enter your home without the need to break in.

Out-smart the criminals

There’s also the option of trying an even ‘smarter’ solution by investing in a Smart Door Lock. With Yale’s new Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock, worrying about who has the keys to your home can be a thing of the past as your smartphone now becomes your key.

The Conexis L1 allows you to configure, control and unlock your Smart Door Lock from your smartphone via Yale’s secure Bluetooth app. There’s also the option of using Key Cards and Key Tags, and these can be shared with family and friends to give access for certain periods of time, and then simply revoke when necessary.

The new smart benefits of the Conexis L1 means worrying about losing or misplacing keys can be all but a distant memory.