Home Security: Keep the Ghouls away this Halloween

Did you know that Halloween is statistically one of the worst times of the year for burglaries? A study from Aviva found that claims of theft rose by 45%. It can be devastating when your home is targeted, having your hard-earned possessions rifled through and taken, so be sure to keep the ghouls away this Halloween by investing in or upgrading your current home security set up.

Here are some of our tips on how to take your home security seriously:

Get into the habit of locking up – every time

A recent survey commissioned by Yale found that, out of 2,000 homeowners, nearly half (42%) said they don’t lock their doors or windows whilst at home. It may take a conscious effort to begin with, but it will soon become second nature to lock doors and windows. This not only helps increase your home security by keeping bad people out, but it also helps to keep loved one in. Especially if you have children or pets who love to explore, this is one of easiest solutions in making sure your home is safe and sound.

Don’t leave spare keys outside 

Burglars know all the hiding spots: under the front door mat, on a window ledge, beneath a plant pot or in the letterbox or meter box. Instead of leaving keys with a friend or neighbour, you could look to invest in a smart door lock. The Yale Conexis L1 and Conexis L2, Yale Keyless Connected and Yale Linus Smart Lock are just as secure as mechanical locks, but the key benefit is, lost keys are now literally a thing of the past. With home security at the forefront of its design, the Conexis Smart Lock range has been awarded the BSI IoT Kitemark and is Secured by Design accredited, guaranteeing it has achieved the highest level of security for internet connected products, providing users with a label of trust. To achieve this BSI IoT Kitemark, our smart alarm systems have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they function and communicate as they should, and that the appropriate security controls are in place. Tailored to suit your needs and requirements, you can gain access to your property through a variety of ways – either through key tag, key card, phone tag or your smartphone when using the app.

For car keys, be sure to keep them in a secure place away from the key access point, such as your front door. An RFID Blocking Box is also a great option to help prevent keyless car theft. Burglars will steal a vehicle if the opportunity presents itself.

Don’t advertise that you’re out and about 

Thieves will often look for your calendar when they break-in, so they can see where and what you’re up to. By advertising that you’re out for the day or away on holiday, this gives them the opportunity to come back for heavier, more bulkier items whilst they know you’re out of the way.

Install a burglar alarm

Investing in a smart home security system can be integral to help protect what matters most, as it acts as a visual (and audible) deterrent for opportunistic thieves, helping to put your mind at ease. The most effective burglar alarms are easily seen from the street, make a loud noise and have the ability to notify you in the event of a break-in or unexpected change – much like the Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm System. With the Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm, you can check-in on the status of your alarm from anywhere in the world and receive real-time notifications. Another added bonus is that they’re completely wire-free, eliminating the need for cables all throughout your home. This means that you have the flexibility to take your home alarm system with you, if ever you move.

Install a movement-activated Floodlight Camera

One of the easiest, most effective ways of ensuring your property is not a target for burglaries is by ensuring your home and outside spaces are well-lit. You can combine the benefits of light and video in one user-friendly product – a Floodlight Camera. The Yale Floodlight Camera is a great investment to improve your autumn, winter security, allowing you to easily monitor your home in any low light conditions from anywhere using a smartphone.

Make sure your home contents insurance is up to date

It’s worthwhile checking to make sure that your home contents insurance policy is up to date. If the worst were to happen, you’ll have the comfort in knowing that you’re insured for the right amount to cover the replacement cost of your contents, at today’s prices.

Need cover? We have recently teamed up with leading home insurance provider, Locket Insurance, to give those who invest in smart security products a fairer price for putting preventative measures in place. You can read more on our partnership here.

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