Notepad with text showing home security listed on the spring clean checklist and a mobile phone displaying

Spring cleaning is the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house in the springtime, but have you considered starting your home security spring clean? Here are our top security tips to ensure your home and garden are ready to ‘spring’ into the new season ahead.

Start with the outdoors 

Harsh winter weather can often put our gardens under a lot of pressure, so it’s a good idea to do a good spring clean of the garden as the weather changes and we enter the new season. From overgrown hedges, trees and bushes, there are plenty of ways in which our gardens can be spruced up for spring. And the same can be said for garden security too - in fact, this overgrown foliage can act as a perfect hiding spot for opportunists operating in the area.

A simple tip to start spring cleaning your garden security is with a tidy up. Tasks such as trimming back edges, investing in padlocks, security lighting or the Yale Floodlight Camera, along with repairing any broken or damaged fence panels is an effective way of preventing criminals from entering your outdoor spaces and improving your overall home security. Being the first line of defence for your home, keeping this area secure is a must for your spring security update.

Stay alert

Once you’ve made the necessary updates to your garden, you can also look to ensure the perimeter of your home is secured to prevent an opportunist burglary. Investing in a smart alarm is an essential part of upgrading your home security this spring.

The Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm is simple to setup, install and get up and running, allowing you to easily upgrade your home security often in less than an hour. With its smart benefits, the Yale Sync Alarm gives you the ability to monitor your home security from anywhere at any time via your smartphone. Whether that’s arming or disarming your alarm, or simply being notified if your alarm is triggered, this smart alarm system gives the complete control to always be ‘in the know’ over your home security.

Eyes on the prize

Security cameras, such as the Yale All-in-One and CCTV range, are an effective deterrent to ensure that a criminal moves on to an easier target, with most wanting to avoid being caught red-handed on camera. CCTV kits can add to this line of defence that you’re creating around the outside of your home to make an opportunists aim of getting into your home virtually impossible. And smart CCTV kits are also a great way of you staying in the know over what’s going on around your home. With the ability to be controlled via a smartphone, your CCTV cameras can allow you to monitor the outside of your property to ensure that you can keep an eye on what matters most to you, whenever, wherever.

Although data published by the Office for National Statistics has shown that 60% of all burglaries take place in the evening or during the night, not all thieves will want to enter your home whilst you’re there. This added peace of mind allows you to always be in the know over your home security, and with easy installation and convenience via your smartphone, adding security cameras to your home should be at the top of your spring cleaning to-do list.

Spring on into the inside

Once the outside of your home has been secured, it’s important not to forget the importance of protecting the inside of your home as part of your spring clean. Whilst the home security solutions outside of your home will act as a preventative measure to help avoid a burglary, you can look to the inside of your home to always be in the know over what’s going on in your home.

Similar to outdoor security cameras, the Yale Full HD Indoor Wi-Fi Camera and Yale Indoor Wi-Fi Pan & Tilt Camera allow you to monitor the inside of your home via your smartphone, ensuring that you can keep an eye on any activity around your home. Although they are a handy tool if you’re ever in the unfortunate event of a burglary, they are also a great tool for everyday life. Whether that’s checking in on pets when you’re at work, keeping an eye on the kids from another room or simply just checking in when you’re on holiday, indoor cameras are a great addition to your home security protection.

So, with such an array of smart gadgets available, why not start your home security spring clean today? For more help and support on how to improve your home security, whatever the season, be sure to visit our website.