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What is covered in my monthly Secure subscription?

  • Cellular backup - Ensures fast, stable and uninterrupted alarm service, even if your Wi-Fi goes down (when cellular service is available).
  • Automated Call Alerts - Designate up to three people to receive an automated phone call in the event of an alarm activation.
  • Cloud Recording for all Cameras - The video from your camera(s) is safely stored on a remote cloud server for 30 days.
  • Advanced AI Motion Detection - Advanced AI to differentiate between the motion of people, pets, vehicles, and package deliveries. You can enable or disable notifications when motion is detected from these groups.
  • Starts from £0.29 per day PLUS your first month is free!

Cloud Recording

The video footage captured by your cameras is securely stored on a remote cloud server. Your video footage is stored for 30 days, giving you ample time to review, download and save any important events or incidents.

Cellular Backup

Cellular backup ensures your alarm system remains operational even if your Wi-Fi connection fails (provided cellular service is available). This ensures your security system will continue to protect your home without interruption, giving you peace of mind.

AI Detection

With our Advanced AI, your cameras will differentiate between the motion of people, pets, vehicles* and even notifying you when a package is delivered with your outdoor cameras. You can enable or disable notifications as required. *AI detection dependent on models.

Automated Call Alerts

Designate up to three people to receive an automated phone call in the event of an alarm activation. When your alarm is triggered, the system automatically calls the designated contacts, ensuring that they are promptly informed.

How do I purchase a subscription plan?

All Yale Subscription plans are available within the Yale Home app and it's easy to upgrade! Simply open your Yale Home app and select 'Subscriptions' from the menu. Here you will see the subscriptions available to you, which may differ depending on the products you own. 

You're not tied in to a contract - you can cancel at any time and we won't renew your subscription for subsequent months. (You will retain access to the Subscription Services from the time you cancel until the start of the next Subscription Period).




  • What happens if the power goes out or the internet is down?

    Our Smart Alarm Hub is designed to provide you with uninterrupted service even during power outages, thanks to its backup batteries (when cellular signal is available). Moreover, in case of an internet disruption, with the Secure subscription plan, the hub seamlessly switches to its built-in cellular connection to keep you connected, when cellular signal is available.

    Please note that our Smart Indoor and Outdoor Cameras, as well as the Smart Video Doorbell, do not have backup internet capabilities. Consequently, they won't be able to maintain their connection to the outside world in such situations.
  • Can I add more smart security devices to my Yale Home app Subscription Service?

    As you install more smart security devices, you can add them to your Yale Home app Subscription Service. One subscription needed per household.
  • Can I receive alerts on my phone if an alarm is triggered?

    Yes, the Secure plan will trigger calls to your phone. Otherwise, you will receive Yale Home app push notifications when the alarm is triggered.

Terms and Conditions

Professional Monitoring

a. This plan is only available if you live in the UK and your Subscription Plan includes the Professional Monitoring Feature. Upon an alarm event taking place, personnel within our monitoring centre (“Monitoring Personnel”) will check the alarm status and all video monitoring Smart Products within the Premises. You agree that the Monitoring Personnel may make use of the Content (real-time or recorded) provided through the Smart Products to verify the nature of any alarm event.

b. Should our Monitoring Personnel spot signs of illegal activity or intrusion they will contact law enforcement authorities. Once they have contacted law enforcement or if they are unable to determine the cause of the alarm they will contact the Emergency Contacts (in the order of priority you have set up) to determine the next step. The Monitoring Personnel shall have no obligation to contact law enforcement until they have reason to believe that illegal activity is taking place on the Premises.

c. On contacting an Emergency Contact, and the Emergency Contact providing the security keyword, the Monitoring Personnel will inform the Emergency Contact of the situation. You must keep and (procure that your Emergency Contacts keep) the security keyword for your User Account confidential. You acknowledge that Yale will not provide the details of any security event or take instructions from any person that is unable to provide the security keyword.

d. You acknowledge that Yale has no liability to you for any loss or damage resulting from the Monitoring Personnel:
                             i. being unable to receive a signal from the Premises (other than through a technical error caused by Yale);

                             ii. being unable to contact an Emergency Contact (upon dialling the number provided by you); or

                             iii. following the instructions of an Emergency Contact who has provided the security key word.

e. Where the Monitoring Personnel are unable to verify the nature of the alarm event, they may offer to send a mobile response officer to the Premises to verify the nature of the event. The mobile response officer will check for signs of illegal/suspicious activity and shall notify the Monitoring Personnel accordingly. Please note that the mobile response officer will simply assess the situation From outside the Premises. They cannot enter the Premises and will not apprehend or confront any person should they come across an active suspected criminal situation.
f. We reserve the right to withdraw, suspend or charge for the provision of a mobile response unit where we believe it is being used excessively (i.e. more than three call outs in a six-month period)
g. The Professional Monitoring Feature is intended to assist you and any permitted Monitoring Personnel to verify an alarm event at the Premises. The feature will not reduce or eliminate any risk of loss. The feature does not replace the necessity of a working alarm system, will not detect or prevent all unauthorised intrusions onto the Premises, and should not be relied on to detect other emergency conditions, such as fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, medical emergencies or water damage.

Full Terms and Conditions on Yale Home Subscriptions are available to view here.