Smart Home CCTV 4M - 2 camera

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  • 4M Image Quality
  • In-App Playback
  • Intelligent detection

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Feel secure with the Yale Smart Home CCTV 4M. With 4 Mega Pixel cameras recording in HD 1080p resolution, you will never miss a thing when surveying your property. Connect straight to your smartphone or smart device via the Yale View App (available on iOS and Android devices). The app uses intelligent search which will highlight motion within the timeline allowing you to pinpoint specific activity making day to day checking up and viewing a lot simpler.
Included with the product is a DVR with multi-channel playback. No need to worry about using up the storage with a 1TB hard drive, you can record hours of footage which can easily be replayed via the Yale View App. The kit is fully expandable with enough room for an additional 4 cameras so every part of your property will be secure.
The 2 cameras are weatherproof and are rated to IP67 so they will work all year round, no matter the weather. They are even enhanced with infrared LED night vision allowing a range of up to 30m. These cameras can be set up to record continuously or only when motion is detected offering you the flexibility to record and review important footage.
Make the most of the live viewing feature meaning you can see what you recording anywhere in the world and any time. If there are areas you do not wish to record, this can be solved with image masking giving you control over which areas are covered and which are ignored.
The equipment is quick and easy to install. Install the app, scan the QR code sticker on your CCTV kit and start viewing straight away.

At Yale, all of our outdoor security cameras, including the Smart CCTV kits and All In One Cameras, come, as standard, with an ‘Image Masking’ feature, which is controlled via the handy Yale View App.

When setting up your Cameras, the image masking functionality allows users to simply select the areas that need to be covered by the motion detection feature, whilst ignoring any others that do not require camera coverage.

Not only does this provide complete control for users, but homeowners can also ensure they are complying with privacy laws and not collecting footage from neighbouring homes.

Yale also provides window stickers in all its CCTV or security camera kits to allow homeowners to clearly display that their home is being monitored, ensuring that they are taking responsibility for not encroaching on a neighbour’s privacy.

We would always advise anyone using outdoor Cameras to make sure the position of your cameras comply with your legal obligations under the data protection laws. More information on this can be found on the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) website.


All of our Professional Installers are trusted Yale Smart Security Partners, they have been trained by Yale and have had their backgrounds checked.
On purchase of the product with installation, one of our local Partners in your area will contact you to arrange a convenient time and date for the installation to take place. They will answer any questions you may have and will also be able explain what to expect on the installation day.

Experience the benefits

Protect what matters most

Intelligent motion detection, image masking and live notifications. All through the Yale View App.

Total peace of mind



Rain or shine, day or night

Control with voice assistant and view your cameras with your favourite screen enabled smart speaker for more convenience.

Top Features

30m Night Vision

IP67 rated cameras with infrared LED night vision giving a night vision range of up to 30m, so the smart cameras will work night and day, no matter the season or weather.

Image Masking

Simply set the areas you want to cover with motion detection and ignore others giving you full control on what your outdoor CCTV camera picks up and records.

How to add an additional Wi-Fi Camera to your DVR

To add an additional camera to your DVR just follow these simple steps: 

  1. Ensure that the camera is connected to the Yale Home app and is usable
  2. Plugin the DVR, ensuring it is connected via an Ethernet cable to your router and add any wired cameras
  3. Right-click and enter the Main Menu (using your DVR login credentials)
  4. At the menu go to ‘Camera’ at the bottom left corner
  5. Ensure ‘Registration’ at the top right is highlighted and then press “IP search”
  6. This will scan your network for any IP cameras. If they are connected and working, you will see your cameras appear
  7. Check the boxes of the cameras you want to add and then select ‘Add’
  8. Once done, you will see them in the lower box on the screen. If they are showing as green they are online and will be viewable on your DVR. If they are red, they are connected but are offline: please check the connection to your router to the IP camera.

Yale Smart Home CCTV 4M

Day and Night

30m enhanced night vision gives clear footage around the clock.

Motion Detection

With real-time notifications and alerts.


IP67 rating provides a clear image even in the worst weather conditions.

The Yale View App

The Yale Home app gives you full control to your Yale Smart Camera and enables you to view live stream of your home from anywhere via your smartphone or tablet (WiFi or 3G/4G connection required).

Live Viewing

View your live stream any time you like, from wherever you like.

Intelligent Search

Simply set the areas you want to cover with image masking and ignore others.

In-app Playback

Conveniently replay, record and save the footage you need.

Receive Notifications

Receive live notifications as someone approaches your home.

Full In-app Control

Replay, record, save and view the footage you need (connection to a Yale DVR required).

More Information

More Information
CCTV Location Outdoor
Colour Black
CCTV Cable 18m
CCTV Camera Qty 2
CCTV Night Range 30m
CCTV Outdoor Yes
CCTV Viewing Angle 90 Degrees
Wireless No
CCTV Channels 4
CCTV Storage 1TB
Smartphone iOS|Android
Includes Installation No