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Yale SensCheck Door and Window Sensor FAQs


Sync Hub Set-up

How do I Install my Yale Sync Hub?       

Please follow the quick start guide provided in your kit. All accessories in the kit are pre-linked and wire free, making installation quick and simple. You will need to download the Yale Smart Living Home App to create an account and configure your alarm settings.


How many accessories can I add to my alarm?  

The Sync Hub can support up to 40 accessories, and the 200m range means you can protect your shed and garage too. If you are ordering additional accessories for your system, please make sure you order accessories with AC- at the start of the product code for compatible products. Link to accessories.


How do I set up Geo-notifications?        

Open Settings->Users->Notification Settings->Geo-notifications to configure your geo-notifications alerts.


What do the LED lights mean on my Sync Hub?

1.Network LED (Green)

LED ON: Connected to Yale Home server

LED OFF: Disconnected from Yale Home server


2. Fault Status LED (Amber)

LED ON: System Fault. Check the App History Log to know more about the fault reported

LED Flash:  AC failure. Check the Sync Hub is correctly connected to the main power

LED OFF: System normal


3. Panel Mode LED (Red)

LED ON – System in Full Armed Mode

LED FLASHES – System in Part Armed Mode

LED OFF – System in Disarm Mode"


How will the system notify me of low batteries?             

The Sync Hub will give an amber warning light, whilst the app will tell you which device has a low battery. You will also hear an intermittent beep from the Hub to indicate that action is required. If you do not have batteries to hand and want to stop the Hub beeping, you can set the low battery accessory in to bypass mode in the app to silence this whilst you obtain the batteries you need.


Please note this device will not detect any activity whilst in bypass mode, so this should be a short term solution. Once the batteries have been changed, the device can be made active again (and bypass mode turned off).


Using the App

How do I change the keypad PIN code?

PIN codes can be changed in the Yale Smart Living Home App.


How can I add a new user to the system?

New users can be added in the Yale Smart Living Home App.


How do I delete a user from the system?

Existing users can be removed in theYale Smart Living Home App.


I haven't set up my app within the 1 hour set up door. What should I do?           

Disconnect the power supply from the Sync Hub, and switch off the back up battery. Wait 5 minutes and reboot.


My app is showing battery missing / dead - what does this mean?

This is because the back-up battery is switched off. Please turn on the back up battery under the white rubber grommet.



Help on the sensors


How can I recalibrate my door or window sensor?

Go to Settings->Alarm Settings->Devices and tap on the door or window sensor. You can then tap on the button to restart the calibration process.


What position is the window in when it is vented?

The vented position is when the window is locked with a slight gap to allow air to circulate.

What do I do if the door or window sensor calibration gets stuck or fails?

If the calibration fails or gets stuck, you can cancel the process and restart it by going to Settings->Alarm Settings->Devices and tapping on the door sensor. You can then tap on the button to restart the calibration process.


How do I fit my door sensor?

Fit the frame side magnet to the keep fitted in your door frame. The frame side magnet detects the open/closed position of the door. Remove black dummy cover from door frame keep with a screwdriver and replace with corresponding white magnet sensor.


What can I use to press the learn button on my door or window sensor?   

You can a firm object with a small point, such as a paperclip, sharp pencil, or other similar item.


Where is the learn button on my door or window sensor?

The learn button is located on the side of the sensor, next to the batteries.


How do I change the battery in my door or window sensor?             

Remove the screw holding the sensor in the door and carefully pull the sensor from the door or window. Gently lift the battery from the compartment, then place the new battery with the + facing upwards. Finally replace the sensor and tighten the screw.


How do I arm and disarm the alarm from the Yale Smart Living Home App?

You can arm and disarm the alarm using a keypad, key fob, or using the controls in the app. In the app tap on the My Yale page, tap on the house icon to open the alarm controls.


What happens if the Internet goes down?

The alarm will remain in the state it was before the Internet went down. The communication between your Hub and devices is on a wireless frequency that does not rely on an internet connection, so the system will continue to operate as normal, however you would need to arm or disarm your system via a physical accessory such as a keypad or key fob until the internet connection is re-established.


Please note that without an internet connection to your Sync Hub, you will not be able to operate the alarm via the Yale Smart Living Home App.


What are geo-notifications?

When you enable geo-notifications the app will send you a notification when you leave home without arming the alarm or when you arrive home and the alarm is armed.


 How do I delete a sensor?

In the Yale Smart Living Home App go to Settings->Alarm Settings->Devices. Then slide right to left on the sensor to delete. Finally tap on the 'Trash' icon to delete the sensor.


Noise alerts


Why does my Hub Chime/Ping when the door or window opens?

The Panel Chime setting in the sensor settings (Settings->Alarm Settings->Devices) turns on a chime that is played whenever the sensor detects the door/door opening.


How do I turn of the Chime/Ping Noise?             

You can disable the Panel Chime in the sensor settings, in Settings->Alarm Settings->Devices.





Can I use my voice assistant to check the status of my sensors?

Yes, you can use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The voice commands are:



'Alexa, is back door open?'

'Alexa, is front door locked?'

'Alexa, is front door closed?'

'Alexa, is front window open?'

Google Assistant

'Ok Google, is the front door locked?'

'Ok Google, is the front door closed?'

'Ok Google, is the front window closed?'


*Please note: SensCheck works only on Yale pre-prepared smart doors and windows. Please speak to your installer to check compatibility*