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Support for Conexis® L2

In our download center you can download manuals and other important documents that concern our products.

Getting Started

    Is Conexis® L2 compatible with my door?

    The Conexis® works with most multi-point locks on the market. To check your door's compatibility, click here.

    How can I unlock my Conexis® L2 Smart Door lock?

    You can unlock the Conexis® L2 Smart Lock a number of ways: Phone Tag, Key Tag or Key Card or the Yale Home app.

    How do lock my Conexis® L2 with the Thumbturn?

    Step 1: Lift the handle to lock

    Step 2: Rotate the thumbturn on the inside of the handle 180 degrees to lock

    Can I use my existing Cards/Key Tags with my new Conexis® L2 Smart Door Lock?

    Yes, they can be paired with up to 7 locks.

Everyday Use

    How do I fully arm (AWAY) my Yale Smart Alarm system?

    • To fully arm your system from within the Yale Home app press AWAY on the Yale Alarm dashboard screen or favorite screen.
    • To fully arm your system using the Yale Keypad, press the AWAY arm button on the Yale Keypad followed by your alarm code.
    • To fully arm your system using the Yale Keyfob, press the AWAY arm button followed by your alarm code.

    How do I add more users to my Yale Smart Alarm system?

    In the Yale Home app, navigate to guest management and click invite.

    You can grant access to a user via a number of methods:

    • Yale Home app access.
    • Alarm code access when a Yale Alarm Keypad is installed.
    • Via a dedicated Yale Keyfob specific to that user.


    How do I remove an accessory?

    Within the Yale Home app, go to Device Settings , select the accessory to be removed then select Disconnect Device.

    How will I be notified if my Alarm is triggered?

    You will be notified by push notifications on your Smartphone via the Yale Home app.

    If you have subscribed to one of our subscription plans, you can also be notified by a phone call or by a monitoring provider.

    Support for Everyday Use


    My Conexis® L2 Is Not Locking or Unlocking

    Make sure the handing procedure has been performed according to the manual.

    If the problem persists please check if the lock can be locked through the thumbturn. If it cannot, please carry out a factory reset.

    My Conexis® L2 Smart Door Lock doesn't lock when I lift the handle.

    If you can't lock your Conexis® L2 by lifting the handle and the motor is not engaging, you shoud lift the handle, push and twist the thumbturn in a clockwise direction and your handle will be locked.

    Simply push & twist the thumbturn anti-clockwise to unlock. 

    Watch our video to learn more here.

    The external handle on my Conexis® L2 Smart Door Lock operates normally, but the inside handle does not

    Please ensure that the thumbturn on the internal side has not been touched/moved until stated in the manual as this will turn the actuator into the incorrect position.

    My Conexis® L2 Smart Door Lock is making an unusual sound

    If a series of beeps are heard from the Conexis L2, this means the handle has not been lifted into the correct position meaning it is not locked.

    If it is playing a series of notes (i.e. a tune) this will be the low battery warning. It could be an alignment issue, please see page 8 of the manual.


    Inserting a module into a Conexis®

    Register your Conexis® Using the Yale Home App

    Resetting your Conexis® Actuator 

    Factory resetting your Conexis®