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Support for EF Alarm Kit 4

Here you can find all the FAQ's for support with your EF Alarm Kit 4

Getting Started

  • How do I install my EF-KIT 4 Alarm?

  • How do I change the Key Pad PIN?

    1. Enter setting mode: Press the Panic Button A, followed by entering the current PIN (factory default code is 0000)
      (The LED will now flash continuously.)
    2. Press Panic Button B.
    3. Enter new 4-digit PIN.
    4. Press Arm button to confirm.
    5. Exit setting mode: Press Disarm twice to quit the changing code process, or wait for 5 minutes for the Key Pad to quit test mode automatically.
      (The LED will now stop flashing.)
  • How do I arm my system?

    Key Pad/Key Fob: Press arm
    Control Panel: Press arm

  • How do I disarm my system?

    Key Pad: Press Disarm followed by your PIN.
    Key Fob: Press Disarm.
    (The siren will beep twice and flash.)
    Control panel: Light panel up, green disarm key, enter code, tick.

  • For what period of time is the Yale alarm warranty valid for?

    The warranty is covered by the retailer, normally for 2 years.
  • What is the maximum movement detection range of a PIR?

    The PIRs will respond to movement of up to 12 metres away and 110 degrees when placed in the corner of a room, movement is detected from floor to ceiling.

Basic Functionality

  • How do I add devices to my Apartment alarm?

    Please see images below for information and instructions:

  • How do I change the batteries on my Apartment alarm?

    Disable the siren tamper via the Key Pad, as per diagram below.

  • Can I extend my entry and exit time on my Apartment Alarm Kit?

    Not on this system. 20 seconds is the default for every device.
  • Can I ‘part arm’ my system, using the HOME button on the keypad?

    This feature is not available for this system.
  • Can I make my Easy Fit Alarm into a Smart system, so I can use an app / get SMS & email alerts

    You can purchase a Smart Hub from or a Smart system starter kit. You can then utilise the accessories and siren from your current system.
  • There are no lights on my Door Contact / Keypad after I have changed the batteries

    Please ensure the battery is inserted in the correct manner, see the picture below.

  • How do I reset the Key Pad PIN?

    Please ensure that the tamper is disabled before you open the Key Pad, as per your manual. Then follow the instructions below:

    1. Open the cover and remove the battery.
    2. Re-insert with the number “3” key pressed (taking care 3 is held down).
    3. The Key Pad will go back to the “0000” Key Pad PIN.
  • How many accessories can I add to my alarm?

    You can add a maximum of 20 devices to the Easy Fit Systems.
  • What accessories can I add to my EF KIT System?

    See image below for more information:

  • How often will I have to change the batteries in my alarm system?

    This depends on how frequently the door is used, you may be required to change batteries every 6 months.
  • What is the maximum movement detection range of a PIR?

    The PIRs will respond to movement of up to 12 metres away and 110 degrees when placed in the corner of a room, movement is detected from floor to ceiling.


  • I am installing my Yale Standard alarm, but I can’t disable the siren tamper. Why is this?

    Your keypad may not be programmed in correctly to the siren.

    1. You must take down the siren to do this (you may find the alarm will go off)
    2. Turn the siren off using the on/off switch inside the siren, leave it off for 1 minute, then turn it back on and it will beep and flash. If this does not work, please remove one battery from the siren and leave it for at least 5 minutes and then place it back in
    3. Once this has happened please press the buttons on every device (please note the siren should beep every time a button is pressed on a device) to learn them back into the siren
    4. To learn the keypad back in press buttons 8 & 9 at the same time
  • Why does the Siren make an interrupted tone when sounding an alarm?

    This is because the Siren has low batteries. Change batteries with new alkaline replacements. 
  • Should the Red light flash on my PIR?

    The Red light will flash on initialisation when the battery tab is removed, otherwise, it should not.
  • My Key Pad will not disarm the system, however it does arm correctly

    Please check that your PIN is not 0000, if it is please follow the steps to change your PIN.
  • Why is the LED flashing on my Key Pad when any key is pressed?

    This is because the batteries are low. Please see instructions on how to change the batteries. 

  • Why does my alarm keep triggering for no reason?

    The siren tamper may not be fully depressed. Please check that the siren tamper switch/spring is depressed to its fullest. Some packing may be required if the siren is mounted on an uneven surface.

  • My PIR is not responding when I arm the system?

    The PIR goes into sleep mode for two minutes. Please vacate the area covered by the PIR for a full 2 minutes before testing.