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Support for IA Alarms

Here you can find all the FAQ's for support with your IA Alarm

Getting Started

    How Do I Add Devices to My IA Alarm?

    Enter the main panel menu, scroll to devices, press tick, then tick on add device, follow on-screen instructions until you reach ‘installed ok’

    For what period of time is the Yale alarm warranty valid for?

    The warranty is covered by the retailer, normally for 2 years.

    To what height should I position my PIRs for optimum performance?

    The best height is between 1.8m and 2.1m above floor level, situated in the corner of the room.

    What is the maximum movement detection range of a PIR?

    The PIRs will respond to movement of up to 12 metres away and 110 degrees when placed in the corner of a room, movement is detected from floor to ceiling.

Basic Functionality

    Is the IA alarm system compatible with any other Yale system?

    No, this is a standalone product.

    My IA Alarm panel is displaying ‘Alarm Alarm Alarm Alarm’

    Press the disarm key, enter your code and continue to press the tick key until the display reads alarm off.

    My IA Alarm activates immediately when entering the property

    This is because your settings in the control panel are set to do this as a default. To change this, the device should be set to entry mode. Which can be found in the ‘Edit devices’ section of the main menu.

    I want to part arm my IA Alarm system, what do I set the sensors to?

    The sensors must be programmed as ‘Home Omit’, to exclude them when in the ‘Home’ arm mode. If you have already configured your alarm, you can edit the settings of each device in the ‘Edit Devices’ section of the programme menu.

    Press the button at the bottom of the control panel with the lock and unlock to part arm.

    Can I extend my entry / exit time on the IA Kit?

    Yes, this is done in the advanced settings menu of the control panel.

    How many accessories can I add to my alarm?

    You can add a maximum of 30 devices to the IA Alarm system

    Should the blue light flash on my PIR?

    The blue light will flash on initialisation when the battery tab is removed.

    How often will I have to change the batteries in my IA alarm system?

    Batteries in most IA Alarm Systems will need to be changed every 18 months to two years


    My Panic button is not working

    Please press and hold for a least 5 seconds to activate.

    Why is my alarm beeping every 30 secs with an amber circle around the Yale emblem

    This will be a fault in the system i.e. A Low battery or a tamper fault. Please check the fault log to see what the issues are. 

    Why does my IA Alarm keep triggering for no reason?

    This could be a number of reasons… Consider the location and environment of the sensors, for example ensuring that the PIR Motion Detectors are not close to sources of heat. Ensure the devices are firmly mounted and that the tamper springs are firmly engaged in place.