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Support for Yale Smart Video Doorbell

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Getting Started

How to install and setup the Yale Smart Video Doorbell

In the Yale Home app, go to the settings menu (accessed by pressing the small gear icon).

Scroll down to 'Installation guides' to view the in-app videos and images.

Alternatively, Click Here to view the video on how to setup your Yale Smart Video Doorbell.

Which application should I use with the Yale Smart Video Doorbell?

Yale Home is the application to use on your mobile phone.

The app is available on Apple App Store or Google Play.

Download the Yale App from the App Store or Google Play depending on your device.

Once you have downloaded the Yale Home app you wil need to click on create an account.

You can also sign in if you already have an account.

Does the Yale Smart Video Doorbell need to be connected to Wi-Fi?

Yes, the camera only works when connected to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

It is not compatible with 5GHz Wi-Fi networks.

My Yale Smart Video Doorbell won't connect to my Wi-Fi network / can't update firmware.

You will need to reset your Yale Smart Video Doorbell.

Press & hold the power button on the back of the doorbell for 12 seconds, until it makes a sound.

You should also turn your phone off, then back on again to clear the cache. 

Turn your Yale Smart Video Doorbell on again.

This should resolve the issue - if not, please contact our team.

Support for Getting Started

Everyday Use

    How would I play back video event footage?

    All event footage is displayed in your Yale Home app's 'Activity Feed'. Scroll to the date and time, select the video and play.

    How many video clips can be stored in the local storage of the Yale Smart Video Doorbell?

    As a guide, the Yale Smart Video Doorbell has approximately 3-4 days of video storage if set to 720p, 20 clips per day, 10 seconds long.

    If the camera is set to record in 1080P, the storage limit is approximately 2 days.

    How would I check the battery level of my Yale Smart Video Doorbell?

    The battery level is displayed in the 'Settings' section of the Yale Home app, under device information. This is displayed as a percentage.

    What subscription services are available?

    Cloud recording: Video is captured & automatically routed to a secure cloud server, where is it saved for 30 days. 

    AI Motion Detection: Advanced AI-based camera analytics enables the cameras to differentiate between the motion of:

    People, pets, vehicles and delivery packages in real-time. 

    The user can choose to enable or disable notifications when motion is detected from these groups.

    Find out more here

    Support for Everyday Use


    How do I restart my Yale Smart Video Doorbell

    You can do this from within the 'Settings' menu in the Yale Home app or via the camera itself.

    The battery life on the Yale Smart Video Doorbell is not according to expectations. What do I do?

    If you have your camera pointing at a very busy area, then this can affect the battery life.

    To improve this you can change the settings for Motion Sensitivity or choose only to detect objects and not all motion.

    There is also an option to try and point the camera to only view the wanted area and try to avoid streets in the background. 

    I have forgotten my user / account password to the Yale Home app?

    You can reset your password in the app by choosing the Forgot Password function on the login screen.

    Alternatively, you can manage via the online account management portal link here.

    Support for Troubleshooting


    Does the Yale Smart Video Doorbell Camera have night vision?

    Yes, night vision is up to a range of 6 metres.

    What do I do if I want to use my existing chime in the home?

    Unfortunately we do not support mechanical chimes with the Yale Smart Video Doorbell.

    If you have an existing mechanical chime in your home, you either need to remove it or install the fuse that comes in the kit to bypass the chime.

    How do I unclip the Yale Smart Video Doorbell from the wall mounting bracket?

    Inside the box there is a Security Pin that you need to use.

    On the bottom part of the Smart Video Doorbell you will find a small hole, insert the pin there and it will release the doorbell from the wall.

    How many Doorbell Chimes can I add to my Yale Smart Video Doorbell?

    You can add 6 Doorbell Chimes to every Yale Smart Video Doorbell.

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