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Support for Yale Dot®


  • What is the Yale Dot®

    The Yale Dot® uses a technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) and is a convenient method of communication between your Smartphone, the Yale Home app, and a compatible Yale Smart Lock. By simply taping your Smartphone on the Yale Dot® you can change the status (lock /unlock) of the Smart Lock. 

  • What locks are compatible with the Yale Dot®

    The Yale Dot® is compatible with the following Yale products:

    • Yale Linus Smart Lock L1

    • Yale Linus Smart Lock L2

    • Yale Smart Cabinet Lock

    • Yale Conexis L1 (With Yale Access Module)

    • Yale Conexis L2
    • Yale Keyless Connected (With Yale Access Module)

  • How many Yale Dot®'s can I pair to my lock

    You can pair up to 5 Yale Dot®'s to one lock.

  • How do I Enrol a Yale Dot®

    The Yale Dot® is paired to a compatible Yale Smart lock and that pairing is managed through the Lock Settings menu in the Yale Home app

    Once paired, the Yale Dot® works for all users who have access to that Lock. Access rights are managed through the Guest List as normal (example below)

  • Can I enroll a previously set-up Yale Dot® to a new lock or do I need to remove it first

    Before you can enroll a previously set-up Yale Dot®, you will need to remove it from the existing lock.

    To remove a Yale Dot®, you must first be connected to your smart lock > open the Yale Home App > go to settings > select the lock that the Yale Dot is assigned to > scroll down to Tap to (Un)lock > select the Yale Dot® to be removed > select remove Yale Dot® > The Yale Dot® will be removed from the enrolled list.

    Factory resetting your smart lock will also disassociate all enrolled Yale Dots.

  • How are the access rights to my Lock managed for the Yale Dot®

    Access rights for the Yale Dot® are managed and updated through the 'Guest List' section of the Yale Home app.

    The setting you see for owners and guests automatically applies to the Yale Dot® once enrolled 

    Owners and Guests will be granted different permissions, please see below:

    Owner Permissions

    Owners can connect to the lock remotely via Wi-Fi or mobile data to operate the Yale Smart lock, allowing them to operate the lock from anywhere.

    An owner doesn't need to be within Bluetooth range of the Yale Smart Lock to operate it. This means if you are granted owner permission, the Yale Dot® can be positioned anywhere.  When an owner taps the Yale Dot®, the Yale Home app is launched automatically and the lock status is changed from Locked to Unlocked.

    This allows a Yale Dot® to be installed in locations such as: 

    - In an apartment stairwell for easy access.​

    - By your bedside for convenience.​

    - On a back door for backyard convenience.​

    - Placed on car dashboard for on-the-go locking/unlocking.​

    - Inside the home for an easy exit.

    Guests Permissions

    Guests connect to the lock via Bluetooth (BLE), thus they need to be within BLE range to operate the Yale Smart Lock.

    This means that the Yale Dot® will need to be positioned within Bluetooth range of the lock, so when the guest taps on the Yale Dot® we are ensuring the guests are within a suitable range.

    Typical locations for the Yale Dot® would be on the outside wall of the property, next to the door where the Yale Smart Lock is installed.

  • My phone is not responding when tapping it against the Yale Dot®

    The most common reason for this is related to the phone screen being locked when the Yale Dot® is tapped. The NFC behavior varies between mobile devices & operating systems, to assist you we have explained the differences between iOS & Android.


    iOS allows for background tag reading, however,  it does not allow the NFC tags to automatically run when the phone is locked (black screen), for this reason, you need to wake up the iOS device first from the black screen. Once the phone is awake (illuminated screen) you can proceed with tapping the Yale Dot®, a notification will then appear on the phone screen, press on the notification, enter the phone passcode or use fingerprint/face id. The Yale Home app will then open on the lock screen and change the status of the lock. 

    Note: turning on airplane mode on iOS devices shuts down all radio communication except for Bluetooth. This means NFC is also turned off, as a result, if you tap the Yale Dot® it will not be recognized. 


    Android does not allow the NFC tags to automatically run when the phone is locked (black screen or illuminated), For this reason you need to unlock the Android device first (enter the passcode or use fingerprint/face id), after unlocking the phone you can proceed to tap the Yale Dot®. The Yale Home app will then open on the lock screen and change the status of the lock.