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Updating Lock Firmware

Firmware updates are released periodically to help improve connection speed, connection reliability, motor controls, and Auto-Lock.

Firmware updates begin automatically when the lock owner connects to their lock. You can still operate your lock via the app during the update. Firmware updates can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes. Be sure to keep your phone near your lock, with the Yale app open throughout the whole update.

PLEASE NOTE: In order for the firmware to update, you must be within Bluetooth range of the device and have Bluetooth enabled on your phone.

Updating Lock Firmware FAQ

  • How do I know if my firmware update is complete?

    You can check the firmware version on the app under Lock Settings. Tap the Menu Icon and navigate to Settings. Select your lock and navigate to Firmware Version, where you'll be able to view your firmware version.
  • What if the firmware update fails?

    If the firmware update fails while you are in the middle of updating, try the following:

    1. Restart your phone
    2. Power cycle your lock by removing and reinserting one of the batteries
    3. Then try updating the firmware again

    If the issue persists, contact your regional Support office.

  • What does the firmware update do?

    The new firmware update will improve connection speed, connection reliability, motor controls, and Auto-Lock.
  • How long does the update take?

    The firmware update could last 1-15 minutes depending on your Wi-Fi connection. For a quicker update, ensure your phone is connected to your home/local Wi-Fi network.
  • Can I postpone the firmware update for later?

    There is no option to postpone the update, but if you do not stay by your door, the update will not complete at that time. Each time you connect to your lock, it will prompt you to complete the update. Firmware updates are very important. We recommend completing them at your soonest convenience.
  • Can I operate my lock during the update?

    Yes, you can still operate your lock manually or via the app during the update without any interference.
  • Does my phone need to be near my lock during the entire update?

    Yes, your Yale Home App needs to be open to complete the update. The App keeps your phone awake during the update process.
  • Will the update continue if I have the App running in the background while I do other things like check my email or operate another App?

    No. The progress will be saved, but you need to keep your Yale Home App open in order to complete the update.
  • What happens if I close out of the App before the firmware update is complete?

    If you close the Yale Home App before the firmware update completes, update will begin again automatically the next time you open the Yale Access App.
  • What if my phone goes to sleep, will it complete the update?

    The update will continue, even if your lock is set to lock at a certain time.
  • I have multiple locks, is there a way I can update them all at once?

    No, the firmware update needs to be completed for each individual lock.
  • I also have a Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. Is that affected?

    No, the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge is not affected and will resume normal use after the update is complete.
  • Do my guests have to complete the firmware update?

    No. The firmware update is a one time update and is only prompted from an Owner's account.
  • Will my guests still be able to operate the lock if I have not updated the firmware?

    Yes. Your guests will still be able to operate the lock, even if the firmware has not been updated.