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Support for the Integration with Google Assistant and Yale 

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    What is Google Assistant?

    Google Assistant is Google’s voice assistant, which is available on Google Home devices, the Google Assistant mobile app, Android TVs, Android Wear devices, and other voice-activated devices supporting Google Assistant.

    How does Google Assistant work with Yale Smart Locks/Levers?

    Yale customers can interact with their Yale Smart Lock/Lever with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth using their voice. Your Yale lock must be connected to Wi-Fi using the Wi-Fi Connect Bridge.

    How do I set up the Google Direct Action?

    1. Launch and log into the Google Assistant app
    2. Select the Actions icon in the lower left corner (Android) / lower right corner (iOS)
    3. Tap on your profile in the top right
    4. Under Assistant, go to Home Control
    5. Tap the plus sign icon in the bottom right corner to Add devices
    6. Select Yale
    7. Sign in with your Yale Access account

    What if my Google Assistant can’t unlock my door?

    If you're having trouble unlocking your door with Google Assistant, it may help to try an alternative command. Try the command: OK Google. Unlock door with PIN XXXX.

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