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How Does Auto-Unlock Work?

Auto-Unlock is one of the most popular and unique features for Smart Lock users. Having your door automatically unlock without having to reach for your phone or your keys as you approach your home is a magical experience. Like any simple and smart technology, there is a lot happening behind the scenes to make Auto-Unlock work just right.

How does it work?

Auto-Unlock relies on a few different technologies in your phone, not only the Yale Access App but also your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. These must be enabled in order for Auto-Unlock to work. All of these are regulated by your operating system talking to the Yale Access App. The Yale Acces App has two states that determine how Auto-Unlock functions: Home and Away. When you’re at home, your Yale Access App will enter Home Mode and Auto-Unlock will not activate, it’s waiting for you to leave. When the Yale Access App sees you have left your neighbourhood or travelled more than 200 meters from your home, Auto-Unlock will go into Away Mode, until your return home again.

When you then return to within 200 meters from your home, your phone will start looking for your lock. Once you’re close enough to your door and the Yale Access App sees your Smart Lock, your door will Auto-Unlock and the app will go back into Home Mode. More info on Auto-Unlock and tips on how to optimise it for success can be found here (for iOS) and here (for Android).

How to Enable Auto-Unlock

To activate this feature you must be an authorised owner of the associated lock and be located within Bluetooth range of the lock you are enabling this feature on.

The following steps will help you set up the Auto-Unock feature on your device:

  1. Open the Yale Access App and select the applicable property from the keychain if there is more than one
  2. Tap the Settings Gear Icon in the lower right-hand corner on the lock circle screen
  3. Select the lock from the devices shown
  4. Select Auto-Unlock, which is listed in the automations menu
  5. Toggle Enable Auto-Unlock to On to configure

Your Auto-Unlock settings should now be enabled. If you experience issues with the Auto-Unlock feature, visit the advanced troubleshooting guides for iOS or Android.

Updates to Auto-Unlock

Jedes Mal, wenn Ihr Betriebssystem aktualisiert wird, ändert sich die Art und Weise, wie Ihr Telefon mit verschiedenen Apps funktioniert, z. B. wie die Yale Access App und Auto-Unlock mit Bluetooth, Wi-Fi und Ortungsdiensten interagieren.