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Getting Started with Yale Fire Safes

Here you can find the answers how to Getting Started with Yale Fire Safes.


  • How do I install my Fire Safe?

    Please refer to the installation manual included with your product which you also can find in our Download Center, the Safe can be secured to the Floor using the bolts provided. We recommend securing into brick or concrete to fix securely.

    We have a useful video at our section for support videos. 

  • Can I wall or floor-mount this safe?

    This safe can only be floor-mounted due to the fire-protective material inside.
  • How do I set the PIN code on my Fire Safe?

    Press the programming button inside the safe, near the battery compartment. Type in your new code which can be between 4-12 digits. Then, press the programming button to complete.


    The Fire Safe is NOT supplied with an over-ride key

    It is therefore important to insert the batteries and set the user code, following the instructions supplied, before closing the door.

    If the door is accidentally closed before inserting the batteries, connect a 9v battery to the battery port on the outside of the Safe.  Whilst holding this in place, touch the screen and enter the pre-set factory code 1,2,3,4 and press the key button.

    Now set the user code following the instructions in the user manual.