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Support for Sync Smart Home Alarms

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Getting started

    How do I install my Yale Sync Alarm?

    Please follow the quick start guide provided in your kit. All accessories in the kit are pre-linked and wire-free, making installation quick and simple. You will need to download the Yale Alarm App to create an account and configure your alarm settings.

    Or view Yale's How to install’ tutorial video on YouTube.

    My Sync Alarm kit contains a camera - does the alarm and camera use the same app?

    No, the alarm uses the Yale Smart Living Alarm app and the camera uses the Yale View app.

    What height should I position my PIR's for optimum performance?

    The best height is between 1.8m and 2.1m above floor level, situated in the corner of the room.

    How do I set up Alexa?

    In the Alexa app do the following to enable the Yale Smart Living custom skill.

    How do I set up Philips Hue?

    In the Yale Smart Alarm app select 'Settings' from the burger menu, then select ‘Hue Lights Settings’. Follow the on-screen instructions to link your Hue account to your alarm system.

    Support for Getting Started

Everyday Use

    How do I add more users to control the alarm?

    All the devices in your Kit are already pre-paired with your Smart Hub. In case you have bought an additional Key Pad, please follow the instructions to add it to your system.

    How do I remove an accessory from my Smart Alarm system?

    Accessories can be removed in the Yale Alarm App. Select the device section on the Yale Alarm App and follow the on-screen instructions.

    How will I be alerted if the alarm has been triggered?

    You can choose from email, text or push notifications through the app. To manage your preferences, click Settings> Users> Notification Settings in the Yale Alarm app.

    Support for Everyday Use


    Why is my alarm beeping every 30 secs with an amber circle around the Yale emblem?

    This will be a fault in the system i.e. a low battery or a tamper fault. Please check the fault log in the App to see what the issues are.

    My hub won’t connect to the Internet

    Check that all cables are connected and your router is connected to the Internet, turn off the hub including battery support and router, and then turn the hub and router back on. Try again.

    My PIR is not responding when I arm the system?

    The PIR goes into sleep mode for two minutes. Please vacate the area covered by the PIR for a full 2 minutes before testing.

    My Panel says it's offline

    Check the connection leading to your router. Then turn off the hub and router together, swap ports, and turn the router and hub back on together.

    Support for Troubleshooting


    How many accessories can I add to my Sync Smart Home alarm?

    The Sync Smart Hub can support up to 40 accessories. With a range of 200m, you can also protect your shed and garage.

    If you order additional accessories for your system, please make sure that you order accessories with AC- at the beginning of the product code for compatible products.

    Is the Sync alarm system compatible with any other Yale system?

    The Sync alarm shares accessories with the Yale Intruder Alarm. These accessories have AC- at the front of their product code.

    EF, SR, and HSA Accessories are not compatible with the Sync alarm. 

    Can I add more than one siren to my Sync Alarm?

    Yes, you can add more than one siren. You can add additional devices from the Yale Alarm App, go to the app menu, select “Add Device”. 

    Follow the instructions on the screen, activate the learning mode, and then press the learn button on the device (remove the siren cover to access the siren learn button).

    Please be aware that adding an additional siren will cause you to lose some of the management features.

    How often will I have to change the batteries in my alarm system?

    The batteries should last 18–24 months. To change the batteries in your accessory, go to the app, select the device that needs new batteries, and follow the battery change instructions.

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