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Troubleshooting your Indoor Wi-Fi Camera - Full HD

Here you can find the answers about Troubleshooting your Yale Indoor Wi-Fi Camera - Full HD.


  • My camera will not connect to my network?

    Turn off all your safe web protection on your router, for example with Virgin you can do this by logging onto your account and turning both Virus Safe and Child safe. Then restart the connecting process gain.

    Once connected turn the protection back on.

  • I cannot connect to the app

    Please check that you have downloaded the correct App – please search for Yale View App (the camera is not compatible with Yale CCTV or Yale Home View Apps).

    Please ensure that your router is connected to a 2.4ghz Wi-Fi network and not 5ghz. Press the WPS button on your router and then the one on your camera. Wait a short while and then try to reconnect.

  • I have forgotten my user account / password

    You can use “Forgot password?” from the login screen of the Yale View app to reset your account password.

    If you have forgotten your user name you will need to email the camera serial number to Customer Support we will then reply with the user name.

  • Can’t connect to a camera or DVR over 4G (Android)

    • Open phones Settings app
    • Tap on search at the top of the screen
    • Search for “APN protocol”
    • Set “APN protocol” to “IPv6”

    If the users phone does not support the APN protocol setting it will not appear in the search results.