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Support for Indoor Wi-Fi Camera – Pan and Tilt

Here you can find the answers for getting started with the Yale Indoor Wi-Fi Camera – Pan and Tilt.

Getting Started

How do I set up my username/password?

You create an account through the Yale Smart Living "Home View" app.

What app do I need to use for my Pan & Tilt Camera?

The Yale Smart Living Home View App. This is available through the App Store for iOS or Play store for Android.

Does the Pan and Tilt Camera need to be connected to Wi-Fi?

No, the camera can also connect using a standard Ethernet cable.

Support for Getting Started

Everyday Use

    How do I capture images/video on the Pan and Tilt Camera?

    You can save and share images or videos via Dropbox. You can also take photos and video clips when viewing the live feed in the App.

    If you want to save images/video locally on the camera, you will need to have an SD card inserted in the camera.

    This is an optional extra and does not come as standard with the Pan and Tilt Camera.

    How do I fix my camera in place?

    Please use the bracket supplied with the kit.

    How do I reset my camera back to factory settings?

    Complete the reset form on the app.

    How do I perform a hard reset?

    Delete the camera from your account and then hold the reset button on the bottom of the camera for 10 seconds.

    Support for Everyday Use


    I cannot connect to the app

    Please ensure that your router is connected to a 2.4ghz Wi-Fi network and not 5ghz. Press the WPS button on your router and then the one on your camera.

    Wait a short while and then try to reconnect.

    I’m getting motion detection alerts, but have no recorded footage of the event

    The alerts are there to prompt you to view via the app for live footage. However, you will not get recorded events until an SD card has been inserted.

    This will then record 1 minute of footage once motion is detected.

    I can’t connect wirelessly to my router

    Please use the wired connection first and fill out all network options in the app settings menu. Watch the live footage for about 1 minute, then unplug the cable.

    This is then automatically switched to wireless.

    I have forgotten my user account / password 

    You can reset your password by entering your email address on the Forgot Password form.

    Support for Troubleshooting


    When an SD Card is inserted does this automatically record?

    Yes, however, this is an optional extra and does not come with the Pan and Tilt Camera

    Can I play back images/video?

    Yes, you can play back through the app but need to have an SD card inserted in the camera which is an optional extra and does not come with the Pan and Tilt camera

    Does the Yale Pan and Tilt Camera have two-way audio?

    Yes it does. You can listen or talk back with the built-in microphone and speaker.

    Will my cameras work at night?

    Yes, all Yale cameras have infrared night vision.

    Can more than one user login to the same camera?

    Yes, anyone can log in using the same username/password as the main user.

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