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Support for Smart Home CCTV Kit

In our download center you can download manuals and other important documents that concern our products.

Getting Started

    How do I connect my CCTV system to my TV?

    Via either the HDMI/VGA Ports on the back of the DVR.

    Can I setup e-mail alerts for the Smart WiFi and Smart Wired?

    Yes, you can get email alerts.

    • Go to the main menu, select network, and then the email tab.
    • Tick enable box, set the receiver mail and the subject.
    • Test the email notification by clicking on the Test button, Save settings.
    • Check your email inbox to make sure you received the test email.

    I skipped the QR code to download the app in set-up, can I go back to it?

    Yes, Go to “Network” menu option in the main menu setting then select the P2P menu option. The QR Code will be displayed, scan SN Device QR code with your View App.

    How do I set the date and time on Smart WiFi and Smart Wired?

    Go to the main menu, left click on ‘System’, then click on the date and time tab.

    Support for Getting Started

Everyday Use

    Can I add IP cameras to my Smart WiFi or Smart Wired system?

    Yes, go into the main menu, select camera, connect your camera ethernet cable to the router then click on IP search, then follow the on-screen instructions.

    I want to customise my CCTV set-up

    For instructions on how to customize a CCTV set-up, please view the manual. To download the full CCTV manual please click the link below.

    How do I record? Smart WiFi and Smart Wired

    From the main menu, select ‘storage’, then select ‘schedule’, then the record tab. ‘Regular’ is for continuous recording, ‘MD’ is for motion detection to record for only certain times of the day.

    Can I view my camera feeds on my phone?

    Yes, providing your DVR is connected to your home broadband you can view footage via the Yale CCTV App for Android, or iOS when connected to WiFi or 3G/4G.

    Support for Everyday Use


    Some of the App functions do not seem to be working

    Our App is constantly improving, and we welcome feedback from users so we can constantly improve features and fix any bugs quickly. Please message us using this link, and we will be happy to help.

    How do I reset my Device Password

    During set-up, the user can choose a password, a pattern, and a security question, we strongly suggest doing all 3. 

    Users are also asked for their email address, this is not mandatory, but we strongly recommend providing one for a reset if required.

    Why is my DVR not recording footage?

    Go into the storage menu and select ‘HDD manage’ and check the capacity of the hard disk. Also, check that your record settings are correct in the schedule menu.

    Can only view live footage with Wi-Fi and not on a 3G/4G network

    Please check your router is connected to the internet. Using a laptop or tablet connected to your wifi and then try to connect to a web page to make sure your internet connection is working properly. Please check also that your DVR is online, go to “Network” in the main menu setting and then select P2P menu option in the right-hand side menu and make sure the status in online and the “enable” box is

    I’m getting a white cloudy image mist across the camera image, what is this?

    Lighting around the camera at night can cause this, such as security lights or street lamps. Try re-angling and/or relocating your camera. Then re-test.

    Support for Troubleshooting


    Are the cameras wireless?

    Yale WIFI cameras do not require a wire to connect it to the DVR, these cameras do however need to be plugged into a power source (these are not battery powered). Only for the first setup, you need to connect the cameras to the router using the ethernet cable. Once the setup is completed you can use the cameras with the wifi connection.

    Does the DVR have built-in WiFi?

    No, you have to connect this directly to the router using an Ethernet cable. However, you can use wifi extenders with an embedded Ethernet port to get an access point closer to your DVR.

    Can I link my Yale alarm and Yale CCTV kit together?

    The Yale View App (Android / iOS) can be linked to the Yale Alarm App (Android / iOS) for quick access to your camera feed when an alarm event happens. When you download and create an account on Yale View App, a link button will be automatically be created in your Yale Alarm App.

    How many wired cameras can I have on my system in total?

    This depends on what CCTV system you have.

    2 Camera Kits– maximum 4 cameras
    4 Camera Kits– maximum 8 cameras

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