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Everyday Use with Smart Home CCTV Kit

Here you can find the answers about Everyday Use with Yale Smart Home CCTV Kit.

Five most common questions about Everyday Use with Smart Home CCTV Kit

    Can I add IP cameras to my Smart WiFi or Smart Wired system?

    Yes, go into the main menu, select camera, connect your camera ethernet cable to the router then click on IP search, then follow the on-screen instructions.

    I want to customise my CCTV set-up

    For instructions on how to customize a CCTV set-up, please view the manual. To download the full CCTV manual please click the link below.

    How do I record? Smart WiFi and Smart Wired

    From the main menu, select ‘storage’, then select ‘schedule’, then the record tab. ‘Regular’ is for continuous recording, ‘MD’ is for motion detection to record for only certain times of the day.

    Can I view my camera feeds on my phone?

    Yes, providing your DVR is connected to your home broadband you can view footage via the Yale CCTV App for Android, or iOS when connected to WiFi or 3G/4G.

    Can I back up footage? If so, how?

    Yes, this can be done by going into the main menu and then selecting the backup menu, you can also copy from the search option in the main menu, to plan the backup. Please check "Backing up a video sequence" in the user manual for more details.


  • How do I reset my system

    If you have forgotten your password and password recovery is not available, you can reset your system using the steps below:

    • Turn off the power of DVR
    • Press and hold the reset button. (see image)
    • Turn on the power of DVR & after 10 seconds release the reset button.
    • The DVR will now be in default settings.
  • Can I back up footage? If so, how?

    This can be done in the playback option, using a USB memory stick. Files can be copied (see the user manual for more detailed instructions).