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FAQ about Yale Access Module

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Yale Access Module FAQ

  • How do I re-learn my tags to my lock?

    Once your module is setup, you will need to re-learn any cards, tags or mobile stickers you have, back to the lock. Please follow the process below when you are in Bluetooth range of your lock-

    • Open your Yale Home app and select your house.
    • Select the Guest List option along the bottom of the screen (the silhouette of a person).
    • Select Invite and then "Contactless Key Only".
    • Follow the onscreen instructions to add you Tag.
  • Can I still use my Z-Wave module with my Conexis L1, or do I need to migrate to the Yale Home app?

    You can still use Z-Wave and not use our module if you wish. However,  if you ever wanted to add or remove tags, you could not do this via your app.

    This can be done manually however by using the below process.*

    *Please be aware that this involves a factory reset, which wipes all credentials and requires setup of the lock, module and credentials again.

    1. Factory reset the lock with the module removed (Page 29 of Conexis Manual).
    2. Reset the actuator inside the door so that the tail-bar is vertical (see pictures A and B on page 8). Once done, refit the handle and Hand the lock (Page 15).
    3. Scan all of your cards and tags into the lock- when doing this, once you have single pressed the R button- 1 by 1 scan in ALL your Cards/Tags carefully but quickly (you only need to press the R button once to do this). Once you have scanned in all the tags- press R to finish.
    4. Once this is complete, you can reinstall your Z-Wave Module.

    We would however encourage you to use our Yale Access Module and Yale Home app. Some of the new key features we have added to the new Yale Home app are:

    • Integrated partners such as Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings & Airbnb. To enable these integrations, you must purchase the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. 
    • DoorSense magnet confirms the status of the door of either being open or closed. The Yale Home app will also confirm when the door is locked and unlocked.
    • Share Unlimited access to your door with no additional charges.
    • Over air firmware updates and features can be added to the lock.

    More information about the benefits of the Yale Home app can be found here.

  • Can I still use my Yale Alarm app to control my Conexis L1 lock after migrating to Yale Home?

    Yes. You can migrate your lock over to the Yale Home App and continue to enjoy the alarm integration, which allows you to unlock your Conexis L1 remotely and automatically disarm your Yale Alarm at the same time. To keep this functionality (as with any other integration), you will need to purchase the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge.

    To migrate over follow these steps below:

    1. Remove the lock from your Yale Alarm app: Open your Yale Alarm app and select top left-hand menu option.
    2. Go to Settings/ Lock settings/ Locks, then swipe right to left on the lock you need to remove, the click the red dustbin icon.
    3. Remove the batteries and Yale Alarm module, then install the Yale Access module. Click HEREfor instruction how to do this.
    4. Download the Yale Home app to create and account. For help click HERE.
    5. Install the DoorSense magnet. This is fitted to the door frame on the inside inline with the Yale Access module.
    6. Configure your lock following the step-by-step instructions on the app.
    7. If you had any Key Fobs or Tags enabled in your Yale Conexis® L1 app, they will require a new setup in the Yale Home app. Please relink these to your Conexis® L1 in the Yale Home app before trying to use them. For support, see HERE.
    8. If you had any Virtual Keys set up in your Conexis® L1 app, you will need to set these up again in the Yale Home app, notifying everyone with a virtual key and ask them to download the Yale Home app. Learn how to Invite users HERE.
    9. Delete your Conexis® L1 App account. 

    To link your Yale Alarm app to your Yale Conexis lock, follow these steps below:

    1. Go to the Yale Alarm app and click on the menu top left of the screen.
    2. Select Works with.
    3. Select Yale Home.
    4. Follow the steps to link your accounts; you will need to enter your Yale Home user name and password.

    When completed, the lock with be able to be opened as before by the Yale Alarm app as well as the Yale Home app.

    More information about the benefits of the Yale Home app can be found here.

  • After moving from the Conexis L1 app to the Yale Home app, do I still need to wake the lock up to use the app or add a card/ tag?

    No. After upgrading to the Yale Home app using the Yale Access module, this Bluetooth wake up sensor on the outside of the door handle isn’t required anymore.

    If you press it after the upgrade, it will not light up as it did before; this is perfectly normal.

  • How Do I Access My Yale Lock Remotely

    The Yale Home App will seamlessly connect over the best method available, choosing between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi automatically. Simply open the app and navigate to your lock screen and the Yale Home App will do the rest for you.

    The icon in the upper right of the lock screen indicates how you are currently connected to your lock.

  • Updating Lock Firmware

    This question has its own page. Click here to read full answer.

  • What are the Different Types of Guest Access?

    Access levels and schedules determine how much access a lock user has as well as when they have permission to control the lock.

    Yale offers 2 access levels: Owner and Guest. A lock Owner has full access to the lock and Guests have limited access (outlined under Access Levels). Only lock Owners can invite Guests to a lock. When inviting Guests, you can customize their access level and choose to be notified when they operate your lock.

    There are also different Access Schedules: Always, Recurring, and Temporary (outlined under Access Schedules).

    Access Levels


    Lock Owners are users who:

    • Can lock and unlock door via Yale Home App
    • Can lock and unlock door via Personal Entry Code (Using Smart Keypad)
    • Can use Auto-Unlock
    • Can invite/remove other owners
    • Can control all lock settings
    • Can view activity feed
    • Can view guest list


    Guest is the default access level for anyone invited to your Yale Smart Lock, but you can update a person's access level when you invite them to your lock or at any time thereafter. Guest users:

    • Can lock and unlock door via Yale Home App*
    • Can lock and unlock door via Personal Entry Code (Using Smart Keypad)
    • Cannot use Auto-Unlock
    • Cannot invite/remove other owners
    • Cannot control all lock settings
    • Cannot view activity feed
    • Cannot view guest list

    *Cellular data or an Internet connection is required. Due to the 3 Guest Access Schedules, our servers need to verify that the guest is connecting during the timeframe that they are authorized.

    For information on how to change a guest to an owner click here

    Access Schedules

    Always - Guests will have unlimited access, but the owner can change or delete their access at any time.

    Recurring - Guests will have a scheduled access that repeats. i.e. guests will be invited every Tuesday for a short period of time.

    Temporary - Guests will have a limited invitation to your home that expires. i.e. guests will have access for a one time use, limited to the date and time you've selected.

  • How Does Auto-Unlock Work?

    This question has its own page. Click here to read full answer.