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Troubleshooting your Yale Access Module

Here you will find the answers to troubleshoot your Yale Access Module. 


  • False Battery Alerts

    There is no way to check the battery level for your Yale devices in the Yale Home App, but you will be notified when the batteries need to be replaced.

    Once a lock’s batteries reach 25% capacity, a low-battery notification appears on your phone’s unlock screen. You may wish to replace the batteries when you see this notification. If you don’t replace the batteries at this time, you will begin receiving daily emails and push notifications as the batteries approach the end of their life. Should you receive these notifications, it is imperative that you replace the batteries with 4 new AA alkaline (non-rechargeable) batteries immediately. After replacing the batteries, operate your lock 3 times using the Yale Home App. This should stop the low-battery alerts until the next time the batteries reach 25% capacity.

    PLEASE NOTE: You must operate the lock over Bluetooth or remotely if you have a Yale Connect Wi-Fi bridge. Operating your lock manually will not stop the low-battery notifications.

    If the app continues to report a low battery 24 hours after replacing the batteries and operating the lock via the app, please reach out to your regional Customer Support to confirm whether the alert you are receiving is false or if there’s something else causing the batteries to drain rapidly. Our Customer Support team will assist you with next steps.