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Support for Yale Smart Keypad

In our download center you can download manuals and other important documents that concern our products.

Getting Started

How to Set Up Your Smart Keypad

This guide provides steps to set up your Yale Smart Keypad. Before the installation begins, you may be prompted to update the firmware on your lock.

Support for Getting Started

Everyday Use

    How to Disconnect a Smart Keypad

    Here we cover the steps necessary to disconnect a Yale Smart Keypad from a Yale Smart Lock.

    How to Set Keypad Timed Access Codes

    Yale Smart Lock owners have the ability to issue Always On, Temporary, and Recurring entry codes.

    If you have a keypad connected to a Yale Smart Lock, you can follow the instructions below to add an entry code.  

    How to Update the Firmware on your Yale Smart Keypad 

    To update your Yale Smart Keypad's firmware please perform the following steps.

    How to Enable Power Saving Mode for the Yale Smart Keypad 


    The power saving mode can be used to extend the battery life of your keyboard. By default, the keypad is in sleep mode, which means the keypad does not light up until one of the keys is pressed. When turned off, your Smart Keypad will light up when it confirms a hand is nearby. Follow the steps below to disable sleep mode.

    Support for Everyday Use 


Entry Code Fails to Unlock the Door

Here you can find help if you are having issues unlocking your Yale Smart Lock Pro using your Yale Smart Keypad. If you are unable to find your Keypad in the Yale Home App, it may need to be put in Setup Mode.

Reset the Yale Smart Keypad

In order to complete these actions, you need to be within Bluetooth range of your keypad, and have your phone with the Yale Home App downloaded. PLEASE NOTE: You need to be an Owner of the product (i.e. Yale Access enabled Smart devices like Smart Locks) associated with the Keypad to put the device in setup mode.

Follow these steps to put your Keypad into setup mode.

Support for Troubleshooting


    Smart Keypad Operating Specs

    Operating Temperature: -25℃ to 50℃


    Storage Temperature: -30℃ to 60℃


    Operating Humidity: 0 to 95%

    If the wrong code is entered too many times, will my keypad timeout?

    Yes, for security if an incorrect entry code is entered 7 times, the keypad will timeout and not accept further entry codes for 5 minutes.

    What is the expected battery life?

    The Smart Keypad runs on two AAA batteries. Estimated battery life is 3 months.

    What do I do if I reach my code limit?

    The code limit for the Yale Smart Keypad is 220 unique codes. Once the limit is reached, existing codes will need to be removed to make room for new ones.

    After deleting a code, it is helpful to refresh the keychain to push changes as they are made.

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