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Getting Started with Yale Smart Keypad

Here are the answers for getting started with the Yale Smart Keypad


  • How to Set Up Your Smart Keypad

    This guide provides steps to set up your Yale Smart Keypad. Before the installation begins, you may be prompted to update the firmware on your lock.

    1. Before beginning the setup process, make sure the back light is blinking
    2. Open the Yale Home App and select the 3 lines on the left then tap Set Up New Device
    3. Scan the QR code on the back of the keypad when prompted
    4. Select Start Setup and follow the onscreen instructions. You'll see a series of screens as the Yale Home app connects to your Smart Keypad and prepares it for use. As part of the process your Yale Keypad will download any new firmware updates, and will ask you to select which lock the keypad should work with
    5. Select Continue

    Congratulations! Your Smart Keypad is ready to use.

  • How to Install: Yale Smart Keypad

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