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Getting Started with Yale ENTR® Smart Lock

Here you can find the answers for Getting Started with Yale ENTR® Smart Lock


  • What kind of cylinder do I need for ENTR®?

    A Yale Y2000 locking cylinder is used with ENTR®.

  • How do I control access to my apartment with ENTR®?

    The ENTR® system can be operated in different ways and with different components: remote control, PIN code reader, fingerprint reader and the ENTR® smartphone app. All of these methods are convenient and easy to use. You can choose which of these best suit your needs. Either way, you can add, remove, or change permissions with a simple, easy-to-use interface.
  • Can everyone in my family easily user ENTR®?

    Yes. The system is equipped with a user-friendly display and is easy to configure. A clear, illustrated manual explains everything you and your family need to know. It also contains operating instructions for ENTR® accessories such as the remote control and the fingerprint reader.
  • Can I still use a key?

    Yes. The ENTR® system also includes a mechanical key with which the door can be unlocked from the outside. You can use your doorknob from the inside.