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Trouble Connecting to the Yale Smart Opener

If you are having trouble connecting to your Yale Smart Opener using the Yale Home App, the following troubleshooting may help:

Trying to connect remotely 

If you have a Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, you can access your Smart Lock remotely when you are away from home. To remote access your lock, tap the Wi-Fi icon on the Lock Screen. The icon should change from grey to blue when connected. The lock circle should display your lock’s status shortly thereafter. If the lock circle stays grey, try the following steps.

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth: Turn off and on

Turn the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi OFF on your mobile device from the settings. Allow at least 30 seconds in the OFF state before proceeding to turn ON the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. (Note that toggling the Bluetooth from the control centre on iOS devices vs with the Bluetooth settings will not successfully perform the proper procedures that need to be completed).

Force quit the Yale Home App

iPhone 8 or earlier

Double-click the Home button to show your most recently used apps. 
Swipe right or left to find the Yale Home App. 
Swipe up on the app's preview to close the Yale Home App. 

iPhone X:

From the Home screen on the Yale Home App, swipe up and pause.
Swipe up to close the app.

On Android:

Tap the Recent Apps key, which is left of the home button or on your screen.
Scroll up or down to locate the Yale Home App.
Swipe from the left or right to close apps or press close all to close all open apps.
This will clear the app.

Power cycle your phone

Press and hold your iPhone’s sleep/wake button until you see the option to “slide to power off”, then power your phone off. Once your phone is powered off, press and hold the sleep/wake button to power it on again. Once powered on, open the Yale Home App.

How Wi-Fi on the Yale Smart Opener works.

The Yale Smart Opener comes with built in WiFi. This allows the Smart Opener to connect directly to your WiFi router’s WiFi connection. So, with this, you can operate the Yale Smart Opener when you're away from home.

The placement of the Yale Smart Opener can have a significant impact on its performance. We recommend placing the Yale Smart Opener within 10-20 meters of your WiFi router for optimal performance.

The performance to your wireless router depends on many variables, including the model of the router, its distance from the Yale smart Opener, the overall speed of your Internet connection, physical obstacles, and so on. As a rule of thumb, make sure your smartphone displays a full set of Wi-Fi bars at the Yale Smart Opener location.

If you're experiencing connectivity issues when trying to operate your Yale Smart Opener remotely, you can follow the troubleshooting steps in this article to optimize the performance of your Yale Smart Opener.


Check the signal levels of your Yale Smart Opener
In order to get an accurate picture of your Yale Smart Openers current performance, you can check the signal levels of both the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. These level readings are located in your Yale Smart Opener settings.

How to check the signal levels of your Yale Smart Opener:

From the Lock tab screen, tap the “Settings” gear icon and select “Connect Settings” from the list. Here, you can view the signal levels of your Yale Smart Opener. The two items to take note of are “Wi-Fi RSSI” for Wi-Fi signal, and “BLE RSSI” for Bluetooth signal.

Tap the top-left menu icon and select “Settings”. Choose “Connect Settings” for the house and door your Yale Smart Opener is attached to. Select “Signal Strength” from the list. You should see a list of signal readings, the two items to take note of are “Wi-Fi RSSI” for Wi-Fi signal, and “Bluetooth RSSI” for Bluetooth signal.

Both signal strengths should read either “Good” or “Excellent” for optimal performance. If they indicate a poor signal for either reading, moving your router closer to the Yale Smart Opener may improve performance.

The signal levels are listed in the app in the event that you are experiencing an issue with your Connect. If everything in your system is working fine, but the signal levels in your app are poor, disregard the signal levels.

Consider moving your wireless router

Depending on your current setup, moving the location of your home wireless router closer to the location of your Yale Smart Opener may dramatically increase its connection strength.

Try moving your router as close to your Yale Smart Opener as possible. You can then check the Wi-Fi connection strength in Connect Settings, and adjust your router’s position if necessary. If you are unable to position your router to sufficiently raise the Wi-Fi connection, installing a Wi-Fi extender may greatly improve performance.

Install Wi-Fi network extender

You can improve the performance of your Yale Smart Opener by extending your Wi-Fi network’s range. We've tested a few Wi-Fi extenders that work well:

·        TP Link N300

·        Netgear N300

Connect the device to the correct frequency

Yale Smart Opener only connects to a 2.4GHz frequency network. If you are having issues connecting to the home Wi-Fi and you have more than one Wi-Fi band in your network, ensure that you are connected to the 2.4GHz one. One of your networks may be 5GHz and the Yale Smart Opener will not work if connected to a 5GHz network. Go to your router network settings to update your network frequency.

If you are trying to connect to a 2.4GHz frequency and you continue experiencing issues, try resetting your Yale Smart Opener as well as rebooting the network. Next, ensure your phone is connected to the same 2.4GHz network you are attempting to set up the Yale Smart Opener with.

Download the Yale Home App

Please go ahead and download the Yale Home app.