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Apple Watch and Yale Home

If you have an Apple Watch and a Yale Smart Home product used with Wi-Fi and the Yale Home app, you can use your Apple Watch to lock and unlock. Open the Yale Home App on the device. Tap the green lock circle to unlock the door. Conversely, tap the red lock circle to lock it again.

Remote operations and Auto-Unlock do not work with Apple Watch.

PLEASE NOTE: Yale Home for Apple Watch is available to Lock Owners only. If you would like to operate your lock using your Apple Watch you must be an Owner of the lock. 

Apple provides detailed instructions on how to set up your apps to appear on your Watch here.

Troubleshooting Apple Watch and Yale Home App

If you experience issues using the Yale Home App on your Apple Watch, the following troubleshooting steps should help:

PLEASE NOTE: Yale Home for Apple Watch is available to Lock Owners only. If the Watch App shows that there are no locks available, your access may be limited to Guest. Contact the Lock Owner to adjust your access level.

First, reset your account password if you are unsure what it is. You will need your account credentials to complete the troubleshooting steps.

  1. From your iPhone, open the Yale Home App
  2. Tap the menu in the upper left corner
  3. Select View Profile to open User Settings
  4. Go to Change Password and update

Next, uninstall the Yale Home App from your iPhone by selecting the App until the X appears, then delete it from the device.

Then, power-cycle your iPhone and Apple Watch by powering each one OFF and then back ON.

Reinstall the Yale Home App on your iPhone by downloading it from the Apple Store.

Once the App has downloaded onto your iPhone, sign back in using your updated credentials.

Next, you will need to ensure that you can see the Yale Home App on your Apple Watch:

       5. On your iPhone, open the Watch app

       6. Go to Yale Home

       7. Ensure the “Show App on Watch” option is enabled

Then, open the Yale Home App to the Lock Status screen on your iPhone as well as on your Apple Watch.

Please complete the following steps before attempting an operation on your Apple Watch:

        8. With the Yale Home App open, hold down the flat button on the right hand side of the Watch

        9. Let go of the button once you get to the screen asking to Power Off the Watch

      10. Hold down the crown/dial of the Watch and it will force close your Yale Home App

      11. Try to access your lock using your Apple Watch

You should be able to operate your Linus Smart Lock using your Apple Watch. If you continue to experience issues, contact your local support centre  here or review the information available from Apple here.

PLEASE NOTE: If you had Auto-Unlock enabled for your lock(s), it will need to be re-enabled once troubleshooting steps are completed.