Unlock your Smart Home with Yale Access

Person holding smartphone with the Yale Access App openPerson holding smartphone with the Yale Access App open

As we all live busy lives, convenience has never been more important. We’ve become accustomed to using our smartphones for day-to-day tasks, with different gadgets and apps helping us with all types of activities. That’s where Yale Access comes in…

Be in full control 

The busier we get it can be difficult to feel like you’re in control and on top of the security of your home. At Yale, we want to make securing your home easy and stress-free, so you can spend more time focusing on the things you love. With the Yale Access App, it’s possible, giving you complete control and accessibility to the security of your home, all from your smartphone.

Check if your door is locked, if your children have made it home from school safely or allow friends and family access to your home. Designed to make life a little bit easier, Yale Access can offer convenience and reliability any time of the day. 

How else can Yale Access help make my life easier?

If you’re an active homeowner and enjoy heading out for a run or taking the dog on a long walk, there’s no need to worry about looking for your keys with Yale Access. Either using a smartphone, smartwatch key fob, or pin code if using a keypad, there’s no need to awkwardly carry a key whilst you’re out exercising in the great outdoors. And it’s perfect for busy families too. Check your children are home safe from school all through the monitoring functionality – and there’s no need to worry about them losing their key whilst out at school or with friends with a pin code or smartphone accessibility. 

If you have younger children, a smart lock with Yale Access functionalities can also help to build up their independence and confidence, by letting them open the door on their own when they get back from school, all without the worry of them carrying a physical key around all day.

Unlock the full potential of smart

As we all lead busier lives it can feel as though we’re always rushing around, and the security of our homes can be forgotten. With a smart lock and the Yale Access App, you can check your home is secure at any time. With auto unlock functionality, there’s no need to struggle to find your keys when you get home with bags full of shopping, as the door will automatically unlock, taking the stress out of getting all the shopping bags into the house. 

It’s also never been easier to create a connected and integrated smart home. Using the Yale Access App, it’s possible to connect a range of devices from the Yale Smart product range, as well as devices from Yale partners – compatible with leading virtual assistants and Philips Hue lighting. Feel satisfied knowing you can prepare you home ready for when you get back after a day in the office. Turn the lights on when you’re on your way home and set the door to open just as you walk up to it, helping you to feel relaxed and ready to unwind after a long day.

Interested in finding out more about the Yale Access App and our range of smart door locks? Visit our website, here