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Yale launches brand new bike lock range to keep you moving forward

There is now an easier way to secure your bike – simply lock up your bike with one of Yale’s brand new, high performance bike locks.

Bike theft is a persistent problem in the UK, it was recently reported by the ONS, that there has been an 8% increase in overall theft offecnces, of which were predominetly driven by a 23% increase in theft from outside a home*. The crime of bike theft crime is driven by the fact that stealing a bike can be very quick and easy, especially when located outside of a home. The Yale bike lock range is designed to help combat the number of bike thefts in the UK and ensure you lock it and don’t lose it.

The new Yale Bike Lock product range includes; cable locks, chain locks and U-lock solutions, which have all been designed with the highest bike security in mind.

The new range of U-locks are designed to help protect against any bumps or hits, helping to ensure your bike is kept looking it’s best. Additionally, the heavy duty cross-bar of the U-lock provide maximum pull protection making it resistant to cuts and impacts.

Cable locks feature tough coatings on both the cable and swedging, enuring long lasting durability and protection for users.

Stephen Roberts, Marketing Manager for Yale UK said “Bike theft is a increasing problem in the UK and a problem which we hope to tackle with our new range of bike locks. There are many different reasons for people to use bikes and we hope this new range will encourage more people to get out on their bikes, without the concern of their bike being stolen.

We’re excited to add this range to our security portfolio. All the high and maximum security bike locks are sold secure approved for added peace of mind.”

Whether using your bike for recreation, daily commute to work or school or just to help you keep fit and healthy, you can rest assured that Yale will keep you moving forward.

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*ONS – Crime in England and Wales: year ending December 2018