Platinum 3 Star Thumbturn

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Platinum 3 Star Thumbturn
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The Yale Platinum 3 Star Euro Profile cylinder is a TS007 3 star Kitemarked Anti-Snap security product to provide maximum security against known cylinder attack methods.

The Platinum 3 Star cylinder is independently tested by BSI to be awarded the British Kitemarked TS007:2014 3 star accreditation.


  • TS007 2014 3 star approved
  • KM559658
  • BSEN1303:2005 approved
  • Anti-Snap, sacrificial front section
  • Anti-Pick, Anti-Bump, Anti-Screw, Anti-Pull and Anti-Drill
  • Euro retrofit cylinder


  • Superior strength with cylinder stability system for superior protection
  • Horizontal keyway
  • Flat reversible dimple key with new stylish nylon key bow
  • Key card for easy code identification and key duplication
  • Available in euro double and euro turn
  • Available in Brass and Nickel finishes
  • 3 keys supplied
  • TS007:2014

TS007 is a standard developed in response to concerns over cylinder attacks. The standard is characterised by a 3 star rating system, and can be achieved by combining a 1 star cylinder with a 2 star security door furniture or using a stand alone 3 star cylinder. The Platinum series cylinder is approved to TS007 3 stars and does not require any additional security furniture"


Please Note: The internal measurment is the 1st number, the external measurmenet is the 2nd number, Ie. 40/50 = 40 internal / 50 external 


Want to easily fit a cylinder lock yourself?

Changing your cylinder can be an inexpensive, quick and easy DIY job. To see how to do this yourself, please view our ‘how to’ video below:

How to fit a Yale Cylinder lock in five simple steps 


Step 1 - Remove your door handle

Firstly, you will need to remove your door handle. To do this, open your door and unscrew the fixing screws, then pull each side of the handle away from the door and put in a safe place.

Step 2 - Remove the cylinder fixing screw

Next, remove the cylinder fixing screw, which is level with the bottom of your existing cylinder, then insert the key in the cylinder and turn to remove. If you find it difficult, twist the key slightly to align the cam with the door – this will ensure the cylinder slides out with ease.

Step 3 - Measure the size of your existing cylinder

You’ll need to measure the size of your existing cylinder by measuring the length of each half, to the centre of the cam. This will give you two measurements, for example – 60mm and 40mm. It is important to know which measurement is for the external side and which one is for the internal side – as the external side has the protection against attack.

Step 4 - Align the cam with the centre of the cylinder

Once you have your new cylinder, insert the key and align the cam with the centre of the cylinder then place into the lock. Again, you may need to twist the key slightly to ensure the cylinder slots into the lock. It’s important to remember that the AS Series and AS Platinum Series cylinders do have an external side.

Step 5 - Secure your new kitemarked cylinder in place

Next, replace the cylinder screw and screw tightly to secure your new kitemarked cylinder in place. Check the cylinder is fitted correctly by lifting the handle and turning the key. Lastly, replace each side of the handle and fix back into place, then test the operation of the handle together with the lock to check it works correctly.

Alternatively, if you want the reassurance of installation from a professional tradesperson, you can search for your local expert, or call our customer helpline on 01902 364606