Yale Smart Living – the smarter way to protect your home.

Yale’s Smart Living range takes the hassle out of home security, allowing users can now keep an eye on their home whenever and wherever they are.

Yale’s new Smart Living range is now available in a variety of options to suit your lifestyle. From our standalone products, to a complete home security system, built around an intelligent Smart Security Hub, which integrates with a wide range of modular accessories.

Alternatively, if you’ve already invested in a
leading smart home system network centred on entertainment or energy, don’t worry, our Smart Security module products easily integrate with other system providers, so you can be assured your home has the very best protection.
The Smart Living Range

Keyless Connected Smart Lock

The Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock is compatible with Z-Wave and Yale modules for integration to smart home systems. Users can simply open their door using a keyfob, RFID card, smart bracelet and the Yale Alarm &
CCTV app. No keys, no hassle, no fuss.

Keyfree Connected Smart Lock

The Yale Keyfree Connected Smart Lock is compatible with Z-Wave and Yale modules for integration to smart home systems. It can also be connected to the Yale Easy Fit Alarm and CCTV range, allowing users to open their door using the Yale Alarm and CCTV app, touch pad or key fob.

Easy Fit Alarm Range

The Easy Fit Alarm systems feature wireless technology, and can be set up in three easy steps. 

The SmartPhone Alarm

The SmartPhone alarm is an award winning smart home security hub, with home alarm protection. The smart camera sends images to the users smartphone, if the alarm is triggered to show the cause. The modular system can also be upgraded with additional smart home accessories and can be operated and monitored using the Yale app.

Easy Fit CCTV System

Yale’s award winning ‘Plug and Play’ CCTV system, allows users to view and record high quality CCTV images using the free Yale CCTV app.

CCTV/alarm adaptor

The smart CCTV/alarm adaptor allows users to connect and control the Easy Fit Alarm and CCTV using one centralised app.

Yale Smart Living – The Smarter Way to Protect Your Home.