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Getting Started with Yale Linus® Smart Lock L2

Getting Started FAQ

  • How do I know if Linus L2 is compatible with my door

    The Yale Smart Door Lock compatibility checker will be able to assist with the compatibility with your door:

    Click here to check your compatibility.

  • How to Install: Yale Linus® Smart Lock L2

    Our step-by-step DIY guide makes installation quick and effortless, with helpful tips and visuals to guide you along the way, click here to view the installation videos. 

  • What is included in the box? - Euro Profile​

    ​1x Yale Linus® Smart Lock L2​

    1x Cylinder mounting plate​

    1x Mounting plate adhesive tape 

    1x 2.5mm hex key​

    1x Security screw T6​

    1x DoorSense™ magnet and magnet cover​

    1x Yale Dot

    1x Battery 

    1 x Thumbturn Adapter

    Available in Silver or Black

  • What accessories are available?

    Accessories provided in the box with the Linus® Smart Lock L2 are also available to purchase individually, the available spares are:

  • What is the Yale Dot?

    The Yale Dot uses a technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) and is a convenient method of communication between your Smartphone, Yale Home app and the Linus® Smart Lock L2 .  By simply taping your Smartphone on the Yale Dot you can change the status (lock /unlock) of the Linus® Smart Lock L2. 

    You can pair up to 5 Yale Dots to one lock.

    Access rights for the Yale Dot are managed and updated through the 'Guest List' section of the Yale Home app. Owners and Guests will be granted different permissions, please see below.

    Owner Permissions

    An owner doesn't need to be within Bluetooth range of the Linus® Smart Lock L2 to operate it. This means if you are granted owner permission, the Yale Dot can be positioned anywhere.  When an owner taps the Yale Dot a signal will be sent from the Yale Home app to change the status of the lock. This allows a Yale Dot to be installed in locations such as: 

    • In an apartment stairwell for easy access.​
    • By your bedside for convenience .​
    • On a back door for backyard convenience.​
    • Placed on car dashboard for on-the-go locking/unlocking.​
    • Inside the home for an easy exit.

    Guests Permissions

    Guests can only change the lock status when they are within Bluetooth range of the lock. This means that your Yale Dot will need to be positioned within Bluetooth range of the lock so when the guest taps on the Yale Dot we are ensuring they are within a suitable range. Typical locations for the Yale Dot would be on the outside wall of the property, next to the door where the Linus® Smart Lock L2 is installed.

    Available in Silver or Black

  • What are the dimensions and weight of the Linus® Smart Lock L2?

    Dimensions are 51.7mm x 146.2mm x 45.75mm (without thumb turn)

    Weight is 648g

  • Does the Linus® Smart Lock L2 need to be connected to WiFi?

    For remote connectivity when away from the Lock, WiFi will be required. 

    To connect to the Linus® Smart Lock L2 remotely, enable the built-in WiFi and link to a 2.4 or 5 GHz WiFi network.  To do this, in the Yale Home app go to settings > Utilities > Connect to WiFi Network

    You can also connect the  Linus® Smart Lock L2 via Bluetooth to a Yale Connect WiFi Bridge which is connected to a 2.4 GHz WiFi Network. This method will increase the lock's battery life as Bluetooth uses less power than WiFi.  

    For offline use, connect directly via Bluetooth, this will allow you to operate the lock locally when within Bluetooth Range.​

  • How do I power on the Linus® Smart Lock L2?

    The Linus® Smart Lock L2 will automatically power on when inserting the battery. 

    Note - ensure the battery is fully charged first.

  • Is it possible to power the Yale Linus® Smart Lock L2 from a power outlet in the home?

    No, the Linus® Smart Lock L2 is powered by the rechargeable battery supplied in the box. This battery needs to be removed in order to recharge it using a USB-C charge cable.

  • How do I remove the battery cover and the mounting plate from the device?

    The battery cover slides off the front of the device, slide it away from the thumb turn, once you feel it unclip you may lift the battery cover away from the lock. To reattach it, slide it back on towards the thumb turn and it clicks into place.

    The mounting plate is released by sliding the yellow latch away from the thumb-turn.

  • When I first set up the Linus® Smart Lock L2, do I need to charge the battery?

    Yes, please fully charge the battery before using the Linus® Smart Lock L2 for the first time. There is an LED on the battery pack, the LED blinks while charging and stays on when fully charged.

    To charge the battery, remove it from the Linus L2 and plug a USB-C cable (not included) into the battery pack, most phone USB chargers will work.

    Note: USB C Cable and charger are not included.

  • How do I charge the battery pack and what is the charge time?

    To charge the battery, remove it from the Linus® Smart Lock L2 and plug a USB-C cable (not included) into the battery pack, most phone USB chargers will work.

    The charge time varies between 1 to 5 hours depending on the battery level and the charger being used. We recommend using a 5-volt DC, 1-3 amp charger. 

    There is an LED on the battery pack, the LED blinks while charging and stays on when fully charged.

  • What is the expected battery life of the Linus® Smart Lock L2?

    The battery lifetime is dependent on the number of turns per locking, the smoothness of the door opening, the number of openings per day, and signal strength.
    Based on normal usage, the battery will last up to 6 months.

  • What is the average battery consumption of the Linus® Smart Lock L2?

    This question has its own page. Click here to read full answer.

  • How do I check the battery level of my Linus® Smart Lock L2?

    Once a lock’s battery reaches 20% capacity, a low-battery notification appears on your phone’s screen. You may wish to recharge the battery when you first see this notification. If you don’t recharge the battery at this time, you will receive daily emails and push notifications as the battery approaches a critical level. Should you receive these notifications, it is imperative that you recharge the battery. After fully recharging the battery, operate your lock 3 times using the Yale Home App. This should reset the battery level on our server to stop the low-battery alerts until the next time the battery reaches 20% capacity.

    PLEASE NOTE: You must operate the lock over Bluetooth or remotely via WiFi. Operating your lock manually will not stop the low-battery notifications.

  • Where do I add the Security Screw?

    The Security Screw is optional. You can secure your device to the mounting plate by first attaching it to the mounting plate and sliding the yellow latch down. Then you insert the Security Screw in the small hole (located on the rear of the lock) by the latch and tighten it with a T6 Torx screwdriver. This prevents the device from being removed from the mounting plate without a tool.

  • The Yale logo is in the wrong orientation, how do I rotate it?

    The Yale logo can be rotated. To rotate it, turn the yellow dial on the inside of the battery cover behind the logo, you can rotate the logo in 90 degree increments.