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keeping your pets safe at home

For pet owners, particularly those with young puppies and curious kittens, the thought of leaving them alone at home can be anxiety-inducing. We love our furry companions, but when it comes to ensuring their safety and monitoring their behaviour, internal & external monitoring cameras are an invaluable tool.  

4 ways indoor & outdoor cameras can make your life easier as a pet parent:

1. Security - According to the Blue Cross, puppies in the UK can cost up to £3,000 upfront, so not only are they are a new best friend, they’re also a hefty financial commitment. Sadly, this also makes them targets for theft. Having indoor & outdoor cameras that can be viewed live or recorded via your smart phone is essential for spotting any unusual behaviour. 

2. Safety - The top priority for any pet owner is the safety of their pets. Puppies and kittens have a knack for finding trouble, whether it's chewing on electrical cords or exploring potentially dangerous areas. A camera will help you keep an eye on them and help you stop any behaviours that might cause them harm, quickly.  

3. Behavioural Insights -  Young pets can exhibit a wide range of behaviours, and sometimes these can be destructive or indicative of separation anxiety. Observe their activities when you are not in the room, identify any problematic habits, and address these issues through training or environmental adjustments. 

4. Health and Well-being - If you are unfortunate enough to have to take a trip to the vets, they will want information on your pets eating, drinking and toileting habits. This can be tricky to manage if you’re often out of the house, but having a live feed directly into your home can make this easier.

 Advice from the Blue Cross on protecting your dog against theft when you’re at home:

Yale Home recommended products to keep pets safe:

Indoor WiFi Camera Pan & Tilt

With this smart indoor camera, you can know what’s happening at home, even whilst you’re away, receive motion alerts, move the camera up and down, left and right to cover every corner of your home.

Have a real-time conversation with people in front of the camera via our Yale View App and hide your lens with privacy mode to protect your personal privacy whilst at home. Video and audio streams can be secured by end-to-end encryption when 'customised encryption' is selected in the Yale View App.

Pet Friendly Motion Detector

The Yale Sync Pet PIR Motion Detector will activate when larger motion (25kg and above) is detected. 

The Yale Sync Pet PIR Motion Detector is an accessory of the Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm.

Our Smart Home alarms are easy to set up and fully controllable from our Yale Home App through your phone, tablet and Apple Watch as well. Our new Sync alarm connects simply to other security products in the Yale Smart Living family. Smart, connected security for real life so you can enjoy total peace of mind from anywhere.

Smart lock for cabinets

Easy to install and use and completely hidden from view, this smart lock mounts inside most cabinets and drawers to protect valuables or items that need to be kept out of reach.

It is the ideal solution for keeping children away from dangerous items such as cleaning products, alcohol or medicines. Plus, if you share or rent part of your home, you can keep all your private items safe. So you will always have the peace of mind of knowing that they are safe.

Floodlight Camera

The Yale Floodlight Camera is the perfect solution for keeping your home, garden and outside spaces safe. As our brightest security light to date, this system is mains-powered and boasts a 2,000-lumen floodlight – ideal for keeping your outside spaces well lit.

The Yale Floodlight Camera features a selection of light setting options including Manual, Dawn-to-Dusk and Motion-activated, which can be accessed through the ‘Yale View’ App. The Camera also has 10m nightvision, perfect for if you don't want the light to activate, but still want to capture footage.

Smart Motion CCTV

The Yale Smart Motion CCTV gives you peace of mind that your home is securely protected, allowing you to check from anywhere via a smartphone, using the Yale View app.  The Smart Motion Detection feature focuses in on human shapes, whilst the Dual Tech technology corroborates movement to limit the number of false alarms and the bright white lights act as a deterrent to any potential intruders.

Now with an extended night vision of 30m the SMD CCTV Kit enables users to more readily identify intruders due to the night colour vision of 10m.

Sync Smart Home Alarm

Unlike a traditional home alarm system, the Sync Smart Home Alarm range allows you to check-in from anywhere in the world and receive real-time alerts in the event your alarm is activated. The handy geolocation feature reminds you to set the alarm when you leave home.

The Sync Smart Home Alarm range works with Philips Hue, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, combining lights and voice to create the ultimate security deterrent. You can fully arm or partarm your home alarm system via the Smart Living Alarm App, keypad, remote key fob and with leading voice assistants.