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Latest ONS statistics reveal sizable spike in domestic burglaries

The Office for National Statistics has released its latest crime statistics for England and Wales, and this year, has shown a dramatic spike in the number of police recorded domestic burglary incidents, based on figures from the last 12 months.

Headline figures have revealed that over 250,000 domestic burglaries occurred in both England and Wales throughout the 12 month period, a noticeable percentage increase of 8%, from figures released at the same time last year.

Other parts of the survey seemed more promising, with the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) revealing that “many of the high-volume crimes, such as lower harm violent crime, criminal damage and most types of theft, were either estimated to be at levels similar to the previous year or to have fallen.”

Additional information released in the report also revealed considerable police cuts within the UK, with statistics showing that numbers have declined by 930 in the past year, with the Home Office suggesting this is the lowest figure since comparable records began over 20 years ago.

Nigel Fisher, MD of Yale UK, said: “With a rising crime rate and decreasing police numbers, it’s vital that homeowners take their home security seriously, and take the necessary precautions by investing in the high quality security solutions.”

“The modern day burglar is switched on and will recognise a home with inadequate security, so it’s important that homeowners recognise this and make sure they are not an opportunistic burglars next target.”

With domestic burglary continuing to show signs of considerable increase, and police cuts putting a greater strain on the police force, the security experts at Yale would advise that homeowners continue to keep securing their home at the top of their to do list, to help prevent future increase in domestic burglaries.

To read the full release from the Office for National Statistics, please visit the website