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Lights, Camera, Take Action: Securing Your Home, Family and Belongings as the Clocks Go Back

As autumn approaches, we look forward to all the festive activities the new season has to offer. And although we lose a precious hour of sleep to ring in the new season, we get to look forward to Halloween, Bonfire Night and the run up to the festive period.

But what you may not have considered is that the combination of clocks going back and festivities of the autumn season also brings out the burglars in your local area. The autumn / winter months are statistically the worst times of the year for burglary, with the darker nights creating the perfect conditions for opportunists in the neighbourhood.

And although it’s clear as to why burglary rates increase during the autumn/ winter months, survey results have shown that us Brits aren’t taking this threat as seriously as we should. Recent statistics from a survey commissioned by home security expert, Yale, have shown that 62% of Brits are no more concerned about their home security during the winter months, with an additional 5% even admitting to being less concerned than they are during the summer1.

So, to ensure your home is prepared for this increase in burglary rates, the experts at Yale have shared their top tips and advice to ensure your home security is up to scratch for the new season ahead.

Light up your world

One of the easiest, most effective ways of ensuring your property is not a target for burglaries is by ensuring your home and outside spaces arewell-lit.

If your home has a dark exterior, this provides plenty of hiding spaces for opportunists to skulk around your property undetected. Whether that’s at the front of your property or in your back garden, ensuring that there are no hidden locations is essential. Outdoor lighting on sensors or timers can offer an effective deterrent in making your home less inviting to unwanted guests!

Once you’ve ensured that your home is well-lit and free from hiding spots, it’s also worth considering other preventative measures that you could put in place to ensure your home isn’t a target.

Security cameras are a great deterrent, and with only 20% of UK homeowners already having invested in CCTV for their homes1, it’s certainly an area that needs more focus.

The presence of a security camera will not only deter a criminal from choosing your home as its next target, but it’s also a great way of keeping an eye on your property when you’re not there.

Most smart security cameras on the market allow for remote control and monitoring of your system from anywhere at any time. This handy functionality allows you to always be ‘in the know’ over your home security, a particularly good addition as you enjoy the festivities of the autumn season out of the house.

Invest in a Floodlight Camera

And now, you can even combine the benefits of light and video in one user-friendly product – a Floodlight Camera. A Floodlight Camera is a great investment to improve your autumn, winter security, allowing you to easily monitor your home in any low light conditions from anywhere using a smartphone.

The experts at Yale recently launched its new Floodlight Camera, combining the brand’s extensive home security knowledge with its more recent smart security credentials.

Yale’s recent product addition has all the benefits of a traditional Floodlight Camera, partnered with adjustable motion regions, multiple lighting modes with a bright 2,000 lumen floodlight and 1080 FHD video quality, offering clear footage in any light conditions.

Being able to see all areas of your property’s exterior is essential. And investing in a Floodlight Camera is an effective way of keeping an eye on your home, garden, garages and any sheds or outbuildings at any time of the day or night.

Alongside viewing footage of your home, a Floodlight Camera also has a range of other uses that you may not have considered, allowing you to protect your home, family and belongings this autumn.

Protect your pets

Our pets are our pride and joy, so we’ll do all we can to protect them. But unfortunately, expensive puppies and dog breeds have become a particular target for criminals across the country, so it’s essential that we secure our homes and gardens from all angles.

When you let your pet out at night, it’s crucial that you can keep a close eye on them, as the harsh truth is, if a criminal hears that you have an expensive pet, you may become a target.

We’d firstly recommend ensuring that all fences surrounding your garden are secure, replacing any broken fence panels or gaps, as this already provides a decent level of protection for your home.

A Floodlight Camera should be your next accessory. Not only does a Floodlight Camera ensure that you can monitor your home in any light settings, but the motion functionality also allows you to keep eyes on your pet whilst they’re outside.

When investing in a Floodlight Camera, you can also ensure that the product records footage for you, so, if the worst case was to happen, you’d have the evidence immediately. But it’s also important to consider that the sight of a security camera in your garden will likely deter most criminals, offering you the ultimate peace of mind.

Change gear on car theft

And whilst our pets hold sentimental value to us, other important belongings, such as our cars, require attention too.

Similarly to pets, car theft is also at an all-time high, with over 100,000 vehicles stolen in England and Wales in 2021 and so far in 20222. And just as you’ve protected your pets with a Floodlight Camera, they can also do the same for any cars you have at your home.

By positioning a Floodlight Camera in front of your garage or on your driveway, you will be able to monitor any goings on nearby to your pride and joy. With motion detection alerts to your smartphone, you’ll be the first to know of any suspicious behaviour nearby to your car as and when it happens. Yale’s new Floodlight Camera also has two-way talk functionality, allowing you to speak to any visitors, good or bad, at your door or driveway from your smartphone.

So, to ensure your home security is up to scratch this autumn, keep your home well-lit, and consider investing in a CCTV system or handy Floodlight Camera for heightened protection when you need it most.

And for more information, advice and top security tips to protect your home as the clocks go back, please visit

1 A poll of 2000 UK Adults (Nationally Representative) run by OnePoll, commissioned by Yale UK, 2022
2 Statista, 2022

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