With a decade of protecting homes under its belt, National Home Security Month by Yale is back to ensure homeowners across the UK are prioritising their home security as winter approaches. And as part of National Home Security Month, security experts Yale have been sharing advice to homeowners about how to keep their homes and its contents safe this winter.

As the darker nights descend and provide a perfect cover for opportunistic thieves to break into unsuspecting homes, a recently commissioned survey of 2,000 UK homeowners revealed the lack of importance Brits place on home security, something with Yale and the NHSM team are keen to change. It was in fact revealed that two thirds of Brits haven’t upgraded their home security in the last two years1.

Supporting the campaign this year is Michael Fraser, best known for co presenting the BBC’s “Beat the Burglar” and as the principal mentor in C4’s “Going Straight”.

When giving advice to homeowners on how to protect their property, Michael said;

 “What burglars are looking for are the mistakes we make. If you look at the front of your property, opportunists are looking to see if they can look through your front window. If they can, that is a giveaway that you don’t do a lot about your home security.”

Michael also highlighted the importance of front door security: “They (burglars) are also looking at the front door. Has it got two locks on? You have the top lock, which can be a Yale cylinder lock, or you also have a deadlock at the bottom. He will go up to the door and he’s only got to push his foot slightly against it, and if the door moves more than 2mm, he knows that the second lock isn’t engaged.”

Michael also offered simple home security recommendations to help protect homes this autumn: “I always say, take pictures of every room in the house, make sure you secure everything, use two locks, take the calendar down, shred everything you put in your wheelie bin so you’re not cloned. Do all these things, and the opportunists will move on.”

Michael highlighted the importance of opting for trusted brands when upgrading your home security: “Burglar alarms are fantastic. All products that Yale do are to secure your property. Of course, there are other makes out there, but you’ve got to go for something that is reputable.”

Concluding the discussion, Michael shared this advice: “Stand outside your property and pretend you’ve lost your keys. How would you get in? Because opportunists will find that way very quickly. We’re coming up to that time of year where burglaries do increase, so it’s all now about doing what we can to protect what is ours.”

For more information and handy tips and advice from this year’s National Home Security Month from Yale, visit www.homesecuritymonth.com or search #NHSM2022 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.