2023 is set to be another year of twists and turns with the cost of living continuing to rise, but this financial strain imposed on most of the country has caused experts to warn of the impact this will have on crime rates across the UK. 

In times of financial hardship, we typically see burglary rates increase. With figures showing that in the year ending March 2022 there was an average of 526 burglaries a day, this seems to be ringing true already. So, to ensure you’re clued up on the prevalent crime trends as we enter the new year, Matt Claydon, Head of Trade at Yale UK, shares how you can not only protect your own belongings and important tools, but your customer’s homes and valuables too.

Tool theft

Over the past year, tool theft has risen to an all-time high. According to recent figures from ‘On The Tools’, 78% of tradespeople surveyed have had their tools stolen, with only 1% fully-recovering their valuable kit. With the value of tools stolen typically costing between £1,000 to £5,0002, it’s essential that, as we enter the new year, protecting your expensive tools is a top priority. Firstly, it’s always advised that you remove tools from your vehicle overnight. Whether that’s storing them in a secure garage, shed or in a locked toolbox, it’s important to remove these items from your car or van to avoid being an easy target. 


If you’re storing tools in a shed or garage, ensure that you are securing these with a high security, weatherproof padlock to add another level of protection to your home and valuables. You can also add additional protection to your storage space with a handy, wire-free shed and garage alarm, which can be installed in seconds, notifying you of any motion detected immediately.

Vehicle theft 

As a tradesperson, you will know the importance of having to keep a close eye on your van and unfortunately, vehicle theft shows no signs of slowing as we enter the new year. Of course, it’s no surprise that vans are a prime target for criminals. They house thousands of pounds worth of valuables from tools, machinery, equipment and even important private documents.  In fact, recent statistics have highlighted the continued rise in van theft, with an estimated 20,000 vans stolen annually by 2030. And with the average vehicle storing around £2,500 worth of kit, it’s essential that tradespeople are doing all they can to prioritise their vehicle’s security.

Investing in a high-quality van lock, such as the Yale Heavy Duty Van Lock, is a must to upgrade your van security. Ensuring your chosen van lock is tested to industry standards will provide protection against a range of attack methods, whilst also maintaining protection in extreme weather conditions.

We also recommend tradespeople invest in security cameras to not only act as a deterrent to opportunists, but to also ensure that they can keep an eye on their van, tools and possessions from afar. Smart security cameras allow for remote monitoring via a smartphone, a great benefit for busy tradespeople wanting to protect their valuables but who can’t always be there to watch over them.

A window of opportunity 

Making improvements to your customer’s home security at this time of year is also an effective way of not only helping to boost sales, but to ensure you’re helping to secure their homes at this vulnerable time. Windows are a great place to start. Although a traditional form of burglary, it appears the ‘back to basics’ trend of breaking and entering through a window continues to prove popular with opportunists. According to a recent survey conducted by Yale, 25% of burglars gained access to a home through breaking a window, alongside a further 21% that saw criminals enter a through an open window. Although these figures are alarming for homeowners, window security is an area that can quickly be improved and upgraded to ensure heightened security for homes.

Of course, a simple suggestion is highlighting to your customers the importance of keeping their windows locked at all times, when not in use. But it’s also wise to stock up on high quality window locks and door handles too, as a simple upgrade can work wonders in improving window security. When suggesting window security measures, it’s important to recommend the highest level of security, such as a 2-star TS007 security handle. Combine a 1-Star cylinder with a 2-star handle to ensure 3-star protection for the windows on a property. With the recent developments in smart home technology, there have been further progression in the smart security sector to ensure homeowners can monitor their window security remotely. Smart window sensors, such the Yale SensCheck Window Sensors, allow homeowners to monitor if their windows are open, locked, or in the vented position remotely via their smartphone. This adds an additional level of security and peace of mind, ensuring homeowners can feel confident that their windows are secure and protecting their home. 

So, ensure you’re starting off the new year safely and securely by not only upgrading your own vehicle and home security measures, but your customer’s too, for a profitable start to 2023. For more advice and support on all things home security, please contact trade@yale.co.uk